Eat in a Boat

Oh, a Sushi Bar with Tropical Grill.

What I Wouldn’t Give.

To Find One to Dine In On this Sagebrushed Hill.

But Sadly, I Need to Get This Straight.

When Living Life in the Desert,

Tropical Fare Must Wait.


But Wait!  That’s Not True.  I’ll Tell You Exactly Why…

I Found a Place for Shrimp in this Mountain High.


Sorry, I Find this Hard to Believe, I Do…

Then Talk to the Waiter, She’ll Tell You.


Pacific Paradise.  Just Up the Street.


A Fun Place to Meet.   A Great Place to Eat.


Tropical Delights  Shipped from Thousands of Miles Away.

Fish and Seafood, Fresh Each Day.


OK, but Just You Wait…Hold on to that Note.

Can You Eat Tropical Fare in the Desert in a Boat?


Or Can You Eat Tropical Fare by a Lively Stream?

What about in Bed Awakening from a Sweet Dream?

How About In a Café or By the Docks?

On a Beach Wearing Only Socks?

Yes.  Yes.  Truly it’s True.

I Can Dine On Tropical Fare in the Desert with My Family and You.


Whether Boat, Stream, Bed, or Socks of Two…

Eating Tropical Fare in this Desert is So Much Fun with You.


Dinner for 4…$40.  Sushi.  Entrees.  Jasmine Tea.  Boat Seating Not Extra.


I Think the Heat Has Gotten To Me…Everything In My Head Sounds Like a Rhyme.

Oh Silly Me.  Oh Silly You.

Taking Time to Read this Blog…Thanks!   I’m So Glad that You Do.  🙂






10 thoughts on “Eat in a Boat

  1. Well, I’d be happy as a clam here — pun only partially intended! I suspect I could mussel my way into this place and try not to be a crab if things were sold out when I ordered. After all, that would just be so shellfish.

    It looks like a wonderful restaurant! They should hire you!

  2. Oh, my, 40 for four,
    How I’d love to walk through that door.
    Had sushi in Florida, only for 2
    65 and extra for soup!

    It looks delicious! We travel, and it’s so funny how we crave food from places we aren’t near. We missed our fresh seafood from Florida, so the first place we went when we returned for a visit was the shrimp boats coming in with fresh fish and shrimp.

    Thanks for sharing your meal! Dawn

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