I Need to Read the Newspaper

Reading the Newspaper.  Early Morning as the Sun Rises.  Is it a Lost Art?


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I know.  Who Has Time?  Why Bother Since You Can Get All Your News On-Line?


Can/Should/Could You Really Invest in a Morning Read before Racing Out the Door?


Is Reading the Newspaper So Very Not 21st Century?



But, for Me, Coming from a Long Line of Newspaper Readers….

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Early Morning wouldn’t be the same…


Without a Morning Read of the Newspaper.

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I Love Our 5:00 AM Delivery.  Always There.

Sometimes Even Wrapped to Ward Off the Elements.


And So I Read the Morning Paper.  Every Morning.

True, Many of the Stories can be Classified as Junk.


And Some of the News I’ve already Read On-Line…Word for Word.



But the Local News can be Important.  For Local Interest.

This was Front Page News Today…No Condiments Allowed at Senior Centers in Town.

Ugh, Please don’t get me started…I’m trying to Make a Point Here… 🙂


 Sometimes I See My Cases in the Paper.   It’s Good to Keep an Eye on That.


But Most of All, for Me, it’s the Allure of Reading the Paper that Stays.


And Makes for a Strong Start to the Day.

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Then there’s the Question…How Do You Read the Paper?

This May be a bit OCD…but I need to Read Page One First.

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And I don’t like a Wrinkly, Already Read Paper.  I know.  Quirky. 


I hardly ever Read the Sports.  Mr. Doodle’s domain.

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But the Funnies are on the Back of the Sports Page.  The Funnies always get a Look.


I Love Red and Rover.  Love the Love of this Boy and His Dog.


On Sundays, I get my hit of Home with the New York Times.

Not always the News Section, but definitely All the Fluff…

There’s Tons of Good Stuff in Travel.



Arts and Leisure.  My Heart is Set Aflutter.


The Magazine.  Compelling Stories.

And the Sunday Ads.


Do You Read the Morning Newspaper?


Should You?  Could You?  Would You?

Always looking for the Magic.  🙂


12 thoughts on “I Need to Read the Newspaper

  1. I’m in the process of moving but one of my promises to myself is a NY Times Sunday paper subscription when I’m settled. My local paper has gotten so pitiful I don’t bother. But I do miss have a paper newspaper to read.

  2. Great post! I’m a real morning ritual person, too. Though as of late I seem to be shying away from the news more and more as it agitates me so much. I think I was almost addicted…

  3. Weekdays I read online but F-Sun., I have NYT “real paper” delivered. Front page first. Except on Sunday. Sunday, Rick and I fight for puzzle first. Then it’s a grab bag. Often, travel or Arts. If the front interview of Style looks good, I’ll start there. I save Review and books for last. Those are meaty and I save them to savor and read more carefully!

    LOVE this post!

  4. Calen – I certainly read all the fluff and not the hard news…political stuff…ugh, no…too much to handle over morning coffee…actually, too much to handle any time…

  5. I must admit I’ve stopped reading a daily, local or even Sunday newspaper! I was getting completely over whelmed by all the horrible reporting. Nevertheless, when I’m in France I do read the occasional paper…very good for my French!

  6. I tend to skip all the politics and nonsense that fills the paper…as best I can…but even sometimes the fun fluff can be disturbing…Reading the paper to help with your French…now that is excellent. 🙂

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