The Magic World of Costco

Finding a Bit of Magic Every Day.  My Quest.

Some Days are Easier than Others.

But I can always be Assured that on Saturday…for the Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip…

We Will Find Magic.

And the Secret Place to Find the Magic.  Where You Can Almost  See the Curvature of the Earth.

Yup.  Costco.

To Begin…You know there will be Magic Greeted by Shopping Carts as Large as a VW.

Hundreds of These Behemoths Shuttle through the Parking Lot.


For this Post, I politely asked the Cart Guy if He would Pose for a Photo with a Cart…

With a Huge Grin…This is What I Got. 🙂

Hold On…I Got This.

The Strong Man Cart Attendant.  Magic?   You Bet!

Great Care is Needed Walking through the Lot…

Signs are Not Always Heeded.

The Magical Front Entrance.  See the Sparkle?

Go Towards the Twinkling Lights.

Show Your Entry Card at the Gate…You’re In!

Huge Carts are Mandatory for Huge Items.  Wall-Size Televisions.

Costco has Finger-On-The-Pulse Buyers…Out in Front is the Season Ready Stuff…

For Here…University of New Mexico Lobos Ice Chests.  Tailgate Football Party Ready.

Football Stadium Jackets in Every Color…Even though Outside it’s still 100 Degrees…37 C.

Everyone’s Favorite.  The Famous Sample Stations.

Care to Try Organic Sweet Potato Crackers?

The Coffee Man.  Pinon Coffee Today.

The Chocolate Lady.  Dark Chocolate with Cranberry, Cherry, Pumpkin Seeds.

Cut Flowers in As of Yet Unnamed Colors…

Fuchsia?  Salmon?  Rose?  Petal Pink?

All Wrapped Up for Giving or Receiving.

Flowers next to a Full Pharmacy with Better than Competitive Prices.

The Snack Aisle.  Back to School Snacky-Stuff at the Ready.

Yes.  Pirate Booty is a Real Snack Thing.

Home Furnishings…Love the Ceramics.


Furniture Looks Diminutive Here.  Buyer Beware.  Measure First before Buying.

2 Chairs and a Table.  Buy the Chairs.  The Table is Free.

Leather Lounger.  Enjoy it Here.  Sorry.  It’s Not Coming Home.

Remote Control Candles with Flicker Flames.  A Set of 5 for Mood Lighting.

The In-House Bakery.  Delicious Smells.

Sealed for Week-Long Freshness.

Seafood on Ice.  Alaskan King Crab.

Gulf Shrimp.

Produce.  Local and Home Grown is Always Best.

These sadly are from Far Away.  Costco are You Listening???

Water.  In Every Shape and Size.  Stacked Warehouse Style.

Frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I Never Would Have Thought…but these are Quite Good.

Peanut Butter Next to a Garden Grove of Lovelies.

Are You Feeling the Magic?

Clothing for the Entire Family.

Nautical Stripes.  Every Color.

Jeans.  Every Size.

Fluffy Tutus!

French Poof.

Glitter Stars.

Even Vacation Planning Can Happen Here.  Disneyland.

One Hour.  “Grocery” Shopping Done.

Members of the $100 Club.  Buy 10 Items.  Each Item is about $10.

Parking in the Shade of a Lone Tree.

Always Completes the Magic.  🙂

12 thoughts on “The Magic World of Costco

  1. I love this post! We don’t have a Costco where I live — yet. One is supposed to be built next year and I’m eager. Meanwhile, I always go with my friend in London (Canada) when I visit or sometimes when we visit the kids. I love how your framed this post — wonderful photos and a really good look at America “living large!”

  2. America “”living large” for sure…perhaps a sad commentary, but it’s much more fun to see the crazy humor in this place, than all the social issues that swirl all around us.

    1. You’re probably right! I hope the cart guy doesn’t get fired for his crazy lifting stunt. Hope Costco management doesn’t sees the post. All the demonstrators wanted the blog address…you know, now that they’re “famous”…too funny!

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