A Little Bit of Puppet Magic


I Need Some Extra Magic To Complete This Week.

Perhaps You Do Too.

I Really Need a Hit of Some Silly Puppets.



Once Upon a Time…Not All that Long Ago.  Mr. Doodle and Miss Doodle and I Created a Public Access Television Show.

A Puppet Show for Kids about Reading.

We Did It All…Writing…Producing…Editing…Music…Casting…Puppets…and On and On and On.

Miss Doodle and her Friend are the Humans on the Show.

The Little Puppets are the Greek Chorus.

The Big Puppets Tell the Story.

Mr. Doodle and Miss Doodle Sing.

We Even Employed Green Screen for the Special Effects.

Madison Magic and Friends.

The Public Access Station has Shut Down.  But Madison Magic lives On…Thank You, YouTube.

One of My Favorite Episodes is This One…

Madison Goes to New York City.

It’s Silly.  For Sure.  And The Madison Magic Theme Song May Stick in Your Head.

Kind of Like…It’s a Small World…You’ve Been Warned.  🙂

But It is Fun and Will Make You Smile.  Promise.


Sending Hugs.

Love Jeanne




11 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Puppet Magic

  1. I never realized how much work we actually did with Madison Magic because it was a labor of love – thanks, Ms Doodle, for being my fellow laborer

  2. What a great idea! You and your family are SO my kind of people! The show is just adorable! I love the puppets — you guys do them so very well! (I did some puppetry classes in college — I just love ’em!) Your girls are just adorable, too! It must be fun for you to watch them together these years later.

    I am totally and completely enchanted (and I learned a little about NYC too!)

    1. Silly stuff…we were thrown when the station told us they needed a 30-minute show…it was way more work than we knew…but a fun challenge that I would have loved to continue.

  3. P.S. — I meant to say your editing was really good — especially considering that public access doesn’t always have the best of equipment! The live action in the background really works!

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