A Meeting with Angels

It’s Been Said that You Meet Angels in the Most Unexpected Places.

Always at Unexpected Times.  But Angels always Come When You Need Them Most.

On a Quiet Saturday Morning, Miss Doodle and I Met a Trio of Angels.

Yes.  Not One Angel, but Three.

These Angels were In a Tiny Storefront Shoppe.

But Let Me Begin this Story with an Update.

For Miss Doodle, a Three-Month Hospital Stay caused Hair Thinning.

Once home, the Hair began Growing Back.  And this is All Good.

Now with the Second Phase of Treatment the Hair is Thinning Again.

We’re Not Sure Where this will go.  But we need to be ready.

After Discussions with the Hairdresser, it is determined that Extensions are Not the Fix.

The Hair with Extensions will Fall Out and the Extensions Will put Added Stress on the Follicles.

The Next Suggestion was a Tough One to Accept.

A Wig.

We checked out YouTube sites on Wigs.  Overwhelming and Confusing.

We Needed Wig Experts.  And Fast.

So on a Quiet Saturday Morning, We Went to Trendz Beauty Supply.

And here’s the Best Part of the Story…

The Shoppe has a Floor to Ceiling Selection of Wigs.

Hundreds and Hundreds of Wigs.


And Angels.


At First Blush, It was assumed the Wig was for Me.

No.  For My Daughter.

And with soft voices, we told the story.  There were Tears.

And Then the Full Court Press.

We’re Here to Help You.

And there is No Charge for the Wig.


Gently, They took her Hand and Showed her the Wall of Wigs.

We’ll Show You How This is Done.  We’re With You.

And Off She Went.  With the Angels.

I Watched through Tears of Joy.  My Heart Swelled.

Three Wigs were Selected.

Then the Fittings Began.

Lace Front Wigs.  Long, like her Own Hair.  Black.  Straight.

And a Wavy Wig too.

Begin with the Cap to Cover Your Hair.

Red is Not Her Color.  But She likes the Length.

Another One.

Getting the Fit Just Right.


Now Styling.




Gifts of Wig Shampoo and Wig Styling Spray.

And a Net and Brush and Head.

All Included.

Thank You Trendz Beauty Supply.





Trendz Beauty Supply.  A Place of Angels.



21 thoughts on “A Meeting with Angels

  1. Wow! Your angels are fabulous! And Miss Doodle looks great with her new hair! Oh, what a wonderful solution and even more, what wonderful angels. There is so much love, isn’t there?

  2. How wonderful that you have such a place. My thoughts are with Miss Doodle, wearing a wig is hard, losing your hair is harder.

  3. Hi Jeanne 🙂 I have been trying to catch up with you and your family recently. Although I didn’t chime in… I am sorry for your daughter’s illness and the challenges you all have been facing lately. You are one sweet and strong soul.


    P.S. Your daughter’s new hair looks lovely 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! This had me in tears reading it. My best to you all. What a wonderful team of angels. Life is such a mix of truly beautiful and truly trying experiences.

  5. Thank you Calen – she was very excited but is far from ready to wear the wig…this was my way of buying insurance in the event that it comes to the necessity to wear a wig…I am so thankful that this was a joyous, positive experience for us…one filled with hope and love. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.



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