Court Chatter and Working Girls

Work Can Be Fun.

And Fun Can Be Work.

In the Wee Hours of the Morning and Late at Night…

I Write and Tell Stories through Photos.

Here.  On the Blog.

During the Long Work Day…

I Write and Tell Stories through Photos.

Here.  In Court.

Come On…I’ll Show You.

Built in 2001, the Architecture of the District Courthouse is Striking.

The Imposing View from the Street Looking Up.  Monolithic.

And from Above Looking Down.    Impressive Against the Ever Present Cobalt Sky.

This is Courthouse Corner…District, Metropolitan and Federal Courts.

Waiting for Court to be in Session, the Views are Spectacular

But Often, there’s No Time to Look.

The Long Hallways Wait for No One.

Maybe Just a Quick Peek and an IPhone Click.

Work Can Be Fun.

And Fun Can Be Work.

This Part of the Job is Done for Today.

Hop On the Downtown Get-Around Bus for a Fast Jog Back to the Building.

This Summer, Miss Doodle Has Been Working Too.

At the Doodle T Office.

And at the Building Snack Bar.

When I’m in Court, She Loves to Log Time at the Snack Bar.

With Ms. Betty of Betty’s Place.

Running the Cash Register is Very Cool.

Monday is Baked Potato Day.  Butter. Sour Cream.  Green Chile.

And Carne Adovada Burrito.  A Hot Seller.  Hey, It’s New Mexico.

There’s Always Cold Sandwiches and Vegetable Slices with Dip.

Refrigerator-Ready.  Select.  Take.  Go.

 Chocolate is a Hot Seller in a Building Full of Lawyers.

Learning to Play Doubles Solitaire during Register Breaks.

She’s Quite the Card Shark too.

Keep Your Eyes on the Flipping Cards.

Work Can Be Fun.

And Fun Can Be Work.

Payment in Baked Potatoes for Lunch with Mom.

Can’t Wait to Read Her, “What I Did Over the Summer” Essay.

Working Girls.   Making Magic.

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