Dining Out and Saving Money. It’s a Real Thing!

Our Staycation Summer Has Rolled to an Abrupt End.

Today.  8AM.  School.

In an Attempt to Make this Summer Special, We Made Dining Out an Event.

Little Mini-Adventures Close to Home.

To Stay Close to the Hospital and Doctors and All-Things Medical.

And On That Front We’re Moving Forward to Getting Well.  Yes.  Thank You.  Sigh.


But, Of Course, Dining Out can get Pricey.

Cooking and Eating At Home is Usually the Cheaper Route to Take.


Ahh, Don’t You Just Love a Good BUT…

What if there was a Way to Dine Out that Costs the Same as Eating at Home?


There Is.  You Just Need to Know the Secrets.

Dining Out.  Saving Money.  Having Fun.  In This Order.

And These Secrets Will Work Close to Home or On A Vacation Far Away.

Let’s See How It’s Done.

8 Secrets to Dining Out and Saving Money.

Secret #1.  Order Water to Drink.  Enough Said.


Secret #2.  Kids Order from the Kid’s Menu.  Usually a Drink and Dessert are Included.


Secret #3. Share a Plate.  Check first to be sure sharing is free and there’s no plate charge.


Secret #4.  Order an Appetizer as an Entrée.  Or just order appetizers and share.


Secret #5.  Meal Price Points Need to be at the Low to Mid-Range off the Menu.


Secret #6.  If Anyone in Your Group is Having a Birthday…or is Close to Having a Birthday…Tell the Wait Staff.  You Can Usually Get Jubilant Singing and Dancing and a Special Dessert for Free.  Everyone Gets to Share.


Secret #7.  Dressing Up Puts a Festive Spin on the Meal and Doesn’t Cost Anything.


Secret #8. Discretely Photograph the Food and Give the World Your Unbiased Review.


OK.  Secret #8 won’t save any $$$…But it certainly gets the Fun Started at Your Table.  🙂


Remember the Goal is To Share a Meal and Have Fun.

Make It an Adventure.

Without Cooking, Dish Washing, Or Busting Budgets.

Taking Time to Enjoy Being Together.

Being Thankful for These Moments.

And Throwing In Some Magic…No Charge for the Magic.









14 thoughts on “Dining Out and Saving Money. It’s a Real Thing!

  1. Excellent! I could add that dining at a restaurant where the meals are large can provide lunch for the next day! This of course does not work when kids and grandkids are involved, but for seniors it’s great!

  2. Hi Calen…both girls are now in school…so far so good…but the next round of treatment begins…the heavy hitter stuff…new territory for us all…but we are staying strong and keeping everyone healthy….lots of hand washing and sanitizing and eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep and drinking water. Christmas and Hopeful News can’t come soon enough.

  3. So many useful ideas here – and all great for when kids are an important part of the event. When I was a child, dining out was a rarity for kids and it’s good the way things have changed. I had no idea your daughter has been so poorly, Jeanne, and I can only hope she’ll continue to get better. It sounds as though you all enjoyed your staycation.

  4. Hi Millie – yes, 2017 has been a very tough year…but we are hopeful and staying strong and following the protocol of all things medical. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  5. You nailed all my favorite tips. I have to say, I’ve never known anyone who made a Staycation as much fun as you did. I know you all had to be so disappointed about not being able to hit Paris this year but it will be there next year, too. (And I will also throw my two cents in on Quebec, but you’ll be seeing posts on that one soon!). You’ve had a rough year and you deserved a good summer. I hope the next round of med stuff works out well and you can relax big time. Sending hugs and always prayers.

    1. Hi Jeanie…Hugs and Prayers greatly appreciated…Quebec…I visited there as a kid and loved it…that’s a good idea…once we receive the ok to travel. The staycation was different and we did make it fun but…ah…the but comes through again. 🙂

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