Making Tiny Cakes and Being Brave

Mid-School is Tough.  You Remember that Time, Right?

A Best, Best Friend is Trying On Having a Boy as a Best, Best Friend and Everyone Else is Put Aside.

On the Very First Day of School.

We Talk About Being Brave and Staying True and All the Other Ways This Can be Handled.


And Through All the Talking and Tears, We Bake Little Cakes.


It is what I have in the cupboard…a Halloween Cake Mix….the Expiration Date says we’re still good.

Caramel Apple Frosting.  Ugh…Ghastly…what was I thinking?

Ah, but No Matter…We Have All the Tools for Successful Little Cakes.  And Time for Talking.

A Real Cooker Knows How to Crack Eggs.

Measuring and Adding Oil and Water.

Stir Vigorously.   Tears and Fears of Having No Friends are Whipped Away.

No Lumps.  In the Mix and In the Heart.

We have Extra Mix to make Tiny Cakes.

23 Minutes.  Popped Up and Lightly Brown.


Whoops…in all the Talking and Laughing, We Forgot to Prepare the Pan.

Tiny Cakes Stick to the Pan.  And a Tiny Girl Sticks to My Heart.

Being Strong and Brave and Persevering.

Tiny Cakes of Love and a Drop of Mom Magic.


Here’s to a Wonderful School Year. 🙂

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