A School Night.  Mid-Week.

8:00 Bedtime is Fast Approaching.   Good Night Sun.

Everyone is Winding Down.  The Neighborhood Kids are Winding Down Too.  Sort of. 🙂

But Mom has a Little Surprise.  A Happy Back to School Surprise.


From the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

This is a Sponsored Post.  But All Opinions and Photos are My Own.

Watch How It Works.  Check Out the Magic.

Here’s the Red Ball.

Crack it Open.

Carefully Pull the Halves Apart.


A Koala.  My Favorite Animal!

Let’s Try It Again with the Neighbor Kids…

First Pick a Red Ball.

Hi.  I’m in Pre-School.

I just started Kindergarten.

Sixth Grade.  A Very Grown Up Mid-Schooler.

Sixth Grade.  Neighbors and Best Friends Too.

Eighth Grade.  Top of the Mid-School Food Chain.

Pop It Open.  Which One Will You Get?


A Yellow Bear.  My Favorite Color.  So Soft.

I Got a Yellow Bear Too.  Hey, my Bear is named Crystal…just like  my Mom!

An Ultra Rare Unicorn.  In Pink.

A Black Bear. We Both Love Black and We Have the Same Birthday!

So Silly.

Silliness Everywhere!

Surprisamals…Cute, Collectible Pop Out Friends.  They Love to Hide in Surprizaballs.

You Never Know Which Pet You’ll Get.

The Collections include Common, Collector, Rare and Ultra Rare Animals.

Each One has a Name and Birthday.  Sea.  Woodland.  Mystical Characters.

Fun for All Ages.  For Boys and Girls.

It’s All About the Surprise.

And the Silliness that Pops Out of the Surprizaball.

Thanks!  That was Fun!

Ahhh…Bed Time.  Quiet in the House.

Time to Make the Lunches.

Binx has a Great Idea.  A Lunchbox Surprise for Our Girl and Two Friends.

Tucked Under the Napkin.  Cozying Up to the Sandwich and Cherries.


Shhh.  Ready for Some Lunchbox Magic.

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