The Sha-Rimp Combo!

We had Serious Tea Parties in this House.

Complete with Princess Dresses and Crowns.

And plenty of Fancy Cooking over the Play Kitchen Stove.

At the Twinkle Light Cafe.

Setting the Table with Real China from China was a Vital Part.

Dolls were invited.  But Mom and Dad were the preferred Guests.

Sometimes Real Food was Served.   Pumpkin Muffins with Sugar Fairy Dust was a Favorite.

We sat gingerly on Little Chairs, always in our special Place Card assigned Seats.  Often Wearing Crowns.

One place setting had money and credit cards in a sparkly purse for payment at the end of the meal.

We had to hide behind the giggles.

Before the Meal, there was a Show.

An Elf and Red Riding Hood dancing a Jig.   Or Countless Versions of The Nutcracker.

I often listened to the “Dress Rehearsal”  while I Cooked Dinner.  It may have spoiled the actual show, but the memories are priceless.

But With All the Cooking and Table Setting, Extravagant Dress Options and Stage Shows, the Meal was Always the Same.

Shrimp Combo.

Or As It was Pronounced/Announced…


Alas, the Days of Tea Parties in the Nursery are Gone…But Sha…Rimp Combo is Still Here.

So after this particularly Crazy Day at Work…I Whipped Together a Meal from Nothing…

And Low and Behold…It became the Truly Unforgettable Sha…Rimp Combo.

I Was So Glad to See It.

Here is the Faster than Fast Recipe to Spice Up Your Dinner Offerings…

Serves 4 with Lots of Leftovers.

3 Shrimp Dumpling Bowls – Ready-made.  Frozen.

Chinese Dumplings.  Frozen.


Soy and Teriyaki Sauces.

Stir Fry Vegetables. Frozen.

1 Large Pan with Lid.

Ready Set Go.   15 Minutes to Prepare.

First.  Sauté/Warm the Dumplings and Vegetables in the Pan.

Next:  Cook the Spaghetti in a separate Pot.  Al Dente.

Pop the Cooked Spaghetti into the Dumplings Pan.

Add the Sauces.  Mix.

Keep the Lid on until Ready to Serve.

Set a Fancy Table.  This is an important step.  Place Mat.  Napkin.  Silver Fork. Chopsticks.

Use Real China.


Set a Singing Bowl on the Dining Table for Giving Thanks for the Day.

Give Thanks.  Ring the Bowl.

What is One Thing You Are Thankful For Today?

Magic Memories are Alive and Well.  🙂










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