Would You Go Over the Edge?

I Work in a Building on the Almost Top Floor,

From Monday through Friday and Sometimes Days More.

In this Building So High, I get the Job Done,

Up in My Tower, Away from the Sun.

Important Work happens inside, On that you can Bet,

But on One Day the Building Goes Crazy, Mark the Calendar, Get Set!

Bucket Lists are Checked Off on this Crazy Day,

A Thrilling Adventure happens Right Here All Do Say.

Over the Edge…Over the What???

Repelling off the Building…We Do it A lot!

Oh Yes It’s True, It’s True What They Say…

Over the Edge, a Fundraiser Happens Today.

Did I Do It, You Ask…in a Whisper so Sweet,

Did I Strap on a Harness, Sit On the Edge and Dangle My Feet?

Sadly Not Today.  Not This Event.  No Not Me.

Perhaps Next Year.  Hopefully Once Out of the Fray.  When Clearly I Can See.

But I Ask the Question, Of Course I Must Do…

Would You Go Over the Edge, Would You Cindy Lu Who?

Many Brave Souls Went Over the Edge on this Mighty Day…

It was Thrilling to Watch.  Though Many Did Pray.

All Around Us was Electrifying Air,

Thrills and Chills from a Wish and a Dare.

Money was Raised for Good Causes on Gold Street Downtown,

My Building, Today, Wore Smiles and a Sparkly Gold Crown.

A Day of Magic.

Ahhh…All in a Day’s Work.  🙂

9 thoughts on “Would You Go Over the Edge?

    1. Hi Calen…I don’t know how many people went over the edge, but the event went on all day with 2 people at a time going over and the minimum donation was $1,000…it is a good cost-effective fundraiser. 🙂

  1. I’d definitely be up for this. Only done abseiling once (off a regular cliff!) but loved it. Our suspension bridge (once the longest in the world) sometimes does events off the tower but I always seem to find out too late to sign up!

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