Say It With Your Vote

Enough Wringing of Hands and Gnashing of Teeth.

Election Day.  Vote.  It’s That Simple.

In this City, We Have a Mayoral Race.

 From a Sea of 8 Candidates…2 Remain.

This is a Run Off Election.

I Found the Polling Place.

Voting is in an Ancient Building Now Used to Archive City Records.

The Building Looks Scary.  Inside it Echoes in its Emptiness.

The Sky is Gray.  The Day is Dismal.   Rain Sputters About.

With My Right To Vote as Armor…I Forge Forward.

Following the Signs.

A Seemingly Unending Number of VOTE HERE Signs to Mark the Way.

The Signage Tells You WHERE to GO and WHAT TO DO…But Not WHO to VOTE for.

As It Should Be.

The Paper Ballot Seems So Old School.  But it Works.

In English and In Spanish.

Mark Your Choice.  1 – 2- 3 Done.

And You are Presented with a Badge of Courage to Wear Proudly.

An Important Right.  A Right to Vote.


Let Your Voice Be Heard.

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