The Mantra for 2018. Ready?

Just Jump.

Simple.  Right?

Not Really.  In Fact, Just Jump is Going to Be Tough to Execute.

But I Have To Do It.  Maybe You Do Too.

Enough With Being Afraid.  Anxious.  Bone-Scared.

That is for Last Year.  2017.  Never Again.

Just Jump.

Take Educated Risks.  Take the Next Step.

Sometimes Alone.  Sometimes Together.

Mostly Together.  I am Thankful for That.

Leading Each Other.

But Jumping Into Exactly What?

A Home Remodel.  A Little One Where We are the Contractor.

Travel.  With Travel Insurance….Trips Already Booked(!)

And, for Us, the Most Important One of All.  A Kick-This-Illness-To-The-Curb Healthy Kid.

Just Jump.

I’d Love for You to Join Me.

Throw the Fears Away.  Never Operate from a Position of Fear.

Never Ever.

I’m So Tired of Feeling Afraid.

I Know by Writing This I am Filling Myself with Strength to Jump.

No Time Like Now.

A Fresh New Beginning Filled with Hope and Light.

Yes.  This is the Moment to Just Jump.

Sure.  I’ll Take Your Hand.

There is Strength in Numbers.

Where Will You Jump To?

I Promise There Will Be Magic.


13 thoughts on “The Mantra for 2018. Ready?

  1. Wonderful thoughts, wonderful pictures ….. “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”. With the strength of your family, I know 2018 will be a great year! Best wishes!

    1. Hi Christine…New Mexico does have beautiful skies…all shot with my iPhone and no filters…Here’s to bright, shiny skies in 2018 for here and across the Pond. 🙂

  2. Jeanne, I can SO identify with your post. I’ve been sitting in that fearful place, too, as we’ve struggled to find a more effective treatment for this major. So I’m with you on this one. I GOTTA attack the new year or lose my mind trying! Keeping you all in my prayers as well!

  3. Beautiful post, both pictures and words. Fear always holds us back. My friend, Grace, decided to have a year of no fear, and once she jumped, amazing things happened in her life.If you are interested, she did a Ted Talk which is on YouTube, and it’s called “Making The Jump: The Year of No Fear” (you can google it). It’s so inspiring – she talks about everything you wrote about here. Good luck with your jump!

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