This is Sizzling Hot

50 Days of 100 Degrees F.    37.78 Degrees C. Yes, I’m Counting the Days. Zero Humidity.  Crackling Hot and Dry.  As We Wait for the Healing Rains. In case 100 degrees isn’t in Your Backyard…Here is a Snapshot of 100 Degrees in New Mexico. Find a Shady Spot.  With a Cold Drink.  And Stay Cool […]

An Oh So Boring Dress…To Make Fast!

I know.  A Boring Dress.  Really? Yes. Because it is Fast to Whip Out, Easy to Wear, Looks Good on Everyone, and Cheap to Make. Sew It.  Slip It On.  Off to Work.  Whoosh. A 30-Minute Project. The Trick is the Fabric.  Good Quality Linen.  Bought at Joann’s On Sale. Quality Dressmaker Details that are […]

If I Ran a Buffet

If I ran a Buffet… Oh My it Would Be…Pasta and Salad… And Ice Cream with 3. Spaghetti and Meatballs… Tortellini, Ravioli and Cheese… Pizza Slices, of Course… And that Ice Cream with 3. Sauces of Red, Clam and White…. Beans of Bright Green… It would be lively and fun…a Funk Hipster Scene. The Best Course…3 […]

Are You a Tourist?

Old Town Albuquerque. A 5 minute drive for us, yet a Million Miles Away. A Spot where Everyone is a Tourist. And so on a STILL HOT…40 days of 100 degree craziness…We visited Old Town. To do what everyone does…Stroll, Take in the Shops, Eat and Stay Cool.   And a Late Lunch at Case de Ruiz […]

10 Rules for the Best Yard Sale De-Cluttering

The Best Yard Sale You Need to Have…Now! Remember the Focus of the Sale is to De-Clutter the House. Simple Sale nets Simplified House. Now is the perfect time for a Mid-Summer De-Clutter the House Sale. Start Saturday Morning.  7AM.  Before the Heat Sets In. Catch the shoppers who are not away on vacation. End […]

4th of July…No Beach…No Problem

A First for Me.  No Beach Celebration for the 4th of July. In years past, 4th of July was at the Beach.  Almost by mandated rule. Saltwater, Sea Spray, Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Flag Waving. And at Dark…Fireworks! A Celebration of the Middle of Summer. But not this year.  No Swimming.  No Water Play.  No Hikes in […]

A Dress is Best

Swishy.  Swashy.  Just to Feel Good. And Stay Cool. A Dress.  In Summer.  The Best Time for a Dress. Summer is the Season of Celebrations. Graduations.  Weddings.   Vacations.  Out of School. All Tie Together in One Epic Piece.  A Dress. Moving Up Day.  Love the Teacher’s Retro-Style. And the White Pique paired with Classic Stripes. 🙂 […]

Take a Spin, I’ll Hold My Breath.

Wild Rides.  Thrills.  Spills. A Staycation Outing in the Heart of the City. To Celebrate a Birthday with Special Friends. At Cliff’s Amusement Park.  55 Years and Going Strong. An Institution for Family Fun in Albuquerque. Pay One Price.  Ride All Day. A Place where My Mom-Fear-Index goes through the Roof. I have the Parent-Non-Rider Wristband. […]

All the Beauty Tips You Need…1-2-3!

Summer Heat and Work is a Tough Combo. Plenty of Heavy Lifting. I’ve been searching for a simple yet effective morning beauty routine. And I found 3 Unique Products that get the Job Done. And the Best Thing is They All Work.  Beautifully. For Face.  Body.  Eyes. This is Not a Sponsored Post.  This is All Me […]

Santa Fe Style Meets Costco Alfresco Dining

The House is On the Move. Staying Close to Home has given me an opportunity to evaluate how we live in these spaces and what we can do to change it all up.   Without Spending any Money. Moving Furniture.  Flip Flopping Spaces. Utilizing All the Square Footage of this Home is the Goal. Having Fun and […]