Doodle T – ORC Week 3 – We Have Paint!

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. It’s Now or Never for Paint. Shed Paint.  Paint that’s been stored for over a year.   I held my Breath. The little Splat on the Can Lid looked Gray.  A Pale Gray. A Paint Drip on the Other Can is White. Hopefully this will Work.  But On the […]

Spray Paint…Step Away Slowly!

Spray Painting 101. Some Decorating Projects for Fall.  Some Projects for the One Room Challenge. The Master Bedroom has Closet Doors with Metal Air Flow Grates. Time for a Grown Up Paint Coat to Wear.   From Sky Blue to Black. I Had a Lesson in Spray Painting.    From Miss Doodle. Mom, It’s Very Easy. Shake […]

1.7 lbs.

Our Newest Addition is a Trip. I Mean that in the Most Positive Way. But Who Knew that 1.7 lbs. could have So Much Spunk and Presence? Emily Binx. (Yes, from Hocus Pocus…hey, it’s almost Halloween!)  A Tortoise Shell Female Kitty. Quite the Rascal. She is Learning the Rhyme and Rhythm of Our Home. And We Are Learning […]

Mouse in the House

Don’t You Just Love Mornings? School and Work Mornings. With Animals to Be Fed.  And Breakfast to Be Made.  And Laundry to Be Done. And Lunches to Be Packed. A Clockwork Machine.  Running Smoothly. And Then…Enter a Mouse. Moon to the Rescue.  She’s Been On Guard for Days. Mouse Down in the Kitchen. Dad On Board […]

One Room Challenge – No More Puppet Master!

One Room Challenge, Fall 2016 The Before Shots.  The Questions.  The Issues. I am So Excited to be a Guest Participant of the One Room Challenge. A Huge Thank You to Linda of Calling It Home for Making This Happen. The Task…One Room and 6 Weeks to Create a Wondrous Transformation. Week One. The Room Choice for […]

The Long Shadows of Fall

Finally Fall. Summer is always a Special Time.  But Ahh…then Comes Fall. I Love the Coolness of Early Mornings in Fall. And Seeing Long Shadows Inside and Out. Hello Fall.  You are Right on Time. Morning Shadows will Soon Turn to Morning Darkness. But Fall Gives Us Time. Time to Continue to Feed the Fish. Time for […]

Dads Love Bacon and Eggs!

I Guess Everyone Knows That. It’s Certainly True in Our House Today. And it was True when I was a Kid.      Sunday Morning Was My Dad’s Moment to Cook. Bacon and Eggs. The Kitchen Filled to Overflowing with the Smells of Bacon and Eggs. Spattered Grease Everywhere. Perfectly Toasted Toast.  With Butter and Jelly. Orange Juice.  Served in Juice Glasses.  […]

Blue Eyes Jelly and a Grape Farmer – A Saga

English Muffins Scream for Jelly.   Jelly Made in Your Kitchen is Worth Screaming For. Who Knew that the Hardest Part of Making Jelly – Preparing the Fruit – is Jumped Over with the Assistance of Paul Newman? Blue Eyes Jelly…Famously Made with Paul Newman Grape Juice. It is 100% Real Juice. Thank You Paul. First […]

Short Week Movie Stars

Love These Short Weeks. But Dinners Still Have to Be Planned and Executed in Lightening Speed. Hello Crock.   Hey Big Jim Chile.   Gorgeous Green Garden Balsamic Herb. Let’s Make a Movie… Here’s the Script. Big Jim Chile.  Frozen in the Freezer. Powerful Potatoes on the Crew. Time For Your Screen Test. Cute Carrots as Extras. Ahh…Show […]

No Cracks About Crock Pot Ribs, Please

School and Dance and Work and On and On… This is When the All Mighty Crock Pot Snaps to Attention. I’ve Never Been a Fan of Crock Pots.  Guess I’ve Had Too Many Watery Mystery Meat Meals. But I’m Learning how to Wrangle a Decent Meal Out of This Thing.   By Trial and Error. This […]