From 80 to 8

A 72 Degree Drop for Us. Cold and Wet and Today a First Snow. Icy Roads and Snow Will Close the Schools. Time for a Morning Walk before the Sun and Everyone are Up. Just Me and My Flip Flops and the Snow. Care to Join Me?  OK, You Can Slip on Your Boots. Quick […]

Pet Proof Christmas Decorating

We Have a New Kitty.   A Wild One. She Leaps and Scampers and Scales Walls. And She is Very Fast. Putting Up the 9 Foot Christmas Tree Would Be a Nightmare. It’s the Tree with historic blown glass ornaments and Christmas memories. We All Love this Tree. But when I think about the Tree and this […]

Tea or Coffee?

I’ll Have Both…Please. I Need to Dye/Stain/Age the New Whiter Than White Duvet. The Duvet Pattern is a Map of Old New York. I love white bedding but the white duvet isn’t working with the Old World Look of the Master. It Looks Too Sparkly New. So I’m going to Try a Tea Stain. Maple Tea from Canada.  […]

A Master All Grown Up – The Reveal

What a Wonderful Ride.  One Room Challenge – Week 6 – The Reveal! This is Where We Began…The Puppet Master And Now…6 Weeks Later…A Master Bedroom for Grown Ups. Grown Up By Day. A Dazzling Night on the Town by Night. The Candlelight Glow is Intoxicating. Here’s a Quick Before and After. And Now All […]

The “Best” for Last – ORC Week 5

One Room Challenge.  Week 5. A Conversation Overheard in the Master Bedroom… Hey Muntin.    Hi Lite. Did You Hear, One More Week for the One Room Challenge? Yeah….Of Course We’re Left for Last.    Sure…We’re Old.  85 Years.  Originals. I Thought When the New Windows Were Put In, We’d Be Thrown to the Curb. But Here We […]

ORC Week 4 – Master Improvement

One Room Challenge – Week 4. Two Weeks to the Final Reveal! Here’s the Master Bedroom Before…With the Puppets. Unbelievably, All the New Pieces to the Master Bedroom are Coming Together. For My “If Henry VIII had a Nun Living in the Palace This Would Be Her Bed Chambers” Room. What??? I Know You Get […]

Sorry Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted in Santa Fe.  Just up the Road from Me. She loved Painting New Mexico and Flowers. Lots and Lots of Flowers.  And Roses too. Everyone Knows That. Perhaps I Should Have Remembered Ms. O’Keeffe when I embarked on Painting an Old Dresser. I bought it at my Neighbor’s Yard Sale.  […]

Doodle T – ORC Week 3 – We Have Paint!

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. It’s Now or Never for Paint. Shed Paint.  Paint that’s been stored for over a year.   I held my Breath. The little Splat on the Can Lid looked Gray.  A Pale Gray. A Paint Drip on the Other Can is White. Hopefully this will Work.  But On the […]

Spray Paint…Step Away Slowly!

Spray Painting 101. Some Decorating Projects for Fall.  Some Projects for the One Room Challenge. The Master Bedroom has Closet Doors with Metal Air Flow Grates. Time for a Grown Up Paint Coat to Wear.   From Sky Blue to Black. I Had a Lesson in Spray Painting.    From Miss Doodle. Mom, It’s Very Easy. Shake […]

1.7 lbs.

Our Newest Addition is a Trip. I Mean that in the Most Positive Way. But Who Knew that 1.7 lbs. could have So Much Spunk and Presence? Emily Binx. (Yes, from Hocus Pocus…hey, it’s almost Halloween!)  A Tortoise Shell Female Kitty. Quite the Rascal. She is Learning the Rhyme and Rhythm of Our Home. And We Are Learning […]