Flipping for the Doodle T Flip Skirt!

Not so very long ago, there was a little girl who loved to Flip and Dance. With all the flipping and dancing, she needed clothes that would move with her. She also insisted on dressing herself.  Buttons and Snaps.  Zippers and Loops.  Too Tough to Do. So the Doodle T Flip Dress was Born. Simple Really.  A […]

Design the Pattern. Cut. Sew. 30 Minutes – Done!

Summer Into Fall.    What to Wear? I’m So Done with All the Summer Stuff.   Everything is Tired and Limp. Floral.  Floaty.  Over. I’m Ready for Cool Weather Dressing.   But it’s Still Hot. Fall Clothes are Trendy.  Classic.   In Luscious Cuddly Cool Weather Fabrics. But in 90+ Temps.  Forget It. Ahh, Problem Solved.  Linen! Sure Linen is Great […]

Farm Chic!

I Love this Product! I Love this Business! Vermont Made Shopping Bags! $7 for Any Size.  Plus Shipping. Second Chance Bags by Mary Fay. Super Sturdy.    All Sizes.    Well Made.    Designs from the Barn Yard to You. A Vermont Lady, Mary Fay, is Doing Her Part to Save the Environment. By Recycling Plastic Animal Feed […]

5 Packing Tips to Tour the Fashion Capital

New York City. 10 Days. What to Pack?   With Only a Carry-On Bag. Can You Do It – Pack for 10 Days in a Carry-On??? Try These 5 Tips to Ease Packing Stress for Big City Travel. Tip 1:  Buy and Stockpile New Clothes for the Trip. This really does work.  It May Sound Extravagant, but it’s […]

A Troll Hunt

Are You Ready to Have a Frozen Party this Summer? Great! But You Must Have Trolls! Here’s the Best Ever Scavenger Hunt – Searching for Trolls! Trolls are So Simple to Make.   I Surprised Myself. 4 Materials:  Rocks, Sharpie, Googly Eyes.  Yarn. Trolls are Made in 3 Steps…Search, Draw, Glue. Search:  Take a Stroll.  Carry a small […]

Ready to Listen Again

Ancient Wood.  Still Heavy and Strong. It began life as a Door in a Church in Penasco, New Mexico. Worn Smooth from the Caresses of Many Parishioners. With Sturdy Hinges to Withstand the Freezing Cold and Searing Heat. The Door Listened to Many, Many Voices. Over Many, Many Years in the Shadow of the Mountains. In its […]

What’s New Here?

Home Design. Two Words.  Modern Blending. The Homes of Enchantment Parade of Homes showcases New Home Design in New Mexico. This is Such a Fun Event –  Touring the Newest of New in Home Design. The Girls and I joined the Parade and paid a Visit to this Stunner. It did not disappoint. Come Walk […]

Bollywood Summer – Skirt in a Flash

It may be Cold and Wet Here in New Mexico, but Summer is Coming. A Rainy Afternoon was the Perfect Moment for a New Bollywood Creation. Missy Doodle needed a costume for her class play, All the Rice in India.  She is a Princess from India.  An Elephant Keeper boy and the princess are in […]

The Liebster Award to Doodle T!

The Liebster Award 2016 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. My favorite blogger, Summer Daisy, […]

Crayola’s Spring Green

Crayola Has a Gift for Naming Colors. I Have Always Been in Awe. In 1958, Crayola introduced its Line of 64 Colors… With a Spectacular Array of Color Names…Check these out… Crayola No. 64 Box – APRICOT, AQUAMARINE, BITTERSWEET, BLACK, BLUE, BLUE GRAY, BLUE GREEN, BLUE VIOLET, BRICK RED, BRILLIANT ROSE, BROWN, BURNT ORANGE, BURNT […]