DIY Faux Suede Sassy

Believe it or not, the skirt I wore from Work to the Hospital and Slept in All through the Night, I Threw Away. Hospital Germs Creep Me Out. And I didn’t want the Memories associated with the Skirt.  Gone.  Moved On. Silly.  I know.  I really liked the Skirt.  It was a Favorite in my […]

Stone Heart

Valentine’s Day. A Little Craft of Stone to Warm the Heart. First Find a Heart-Shaped Stone. I strolled down my driveway and founds lots of contenders.  I also had a stash from a trip to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. Pick Up Velvet Necklaces, Wire and Jewelry Tools at the Craft Store. 18 Gage Wire.  Sturdy yet […]

The Shoppe Round the Corner

If You’re Lucky, You Have One. A Tiny Shoppe Round the Corner that is Filled with Special Treasures. Not the Big Box, Big Chain, Big Anything Place. Rather, a Magical Spot for Granting Wishes. There is such a shoppe round my corner….Willow. Even the Name is Wispy and Soft and Small. I went in for a […]

You’ll Love This Shampoo!

This is a Sponsored Post.  All Opinions are My Own. Introducing Maple Holistics.  Argan Oil Shampoo. Maple Holistics. Maple Holistics asked Me to test the Argan Oil Shampoo and give my Honest Opinion. I thought it would be fun to do an After-Thanksgiving Shampoo Party. With the Family.   Age Range from 10 to 6o+ Years. All Hair Types.   […]

4 Tips on How NOT to Finish Wood Furniture

With Great Results on Refinishing a Dresser for the One Room Challenge…. That Went From This… To This. A Decent First Attempt at Furniture Refinishing. I thought We were Home Free on All There Was to Know on Painting Wood Furniture. Next Challenge.  A Wood Dresser that Came with the House. Crafted of Pine.  Assembled with […]

Inspiration Re-Do – One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week Two. But Hold Up…An Inspiration Change.  A Do Over. I assumed my Inspiration would be a Family Inheritance 150 Year Old Painting. Lovely. But Truth Be Told – The Family Painting is One that I would have walked right past in a Gallery. Whoops…did I really just Say That???  Yes I Did. So that’s been […]

Just Like a Princess – Maria Communion

This is a sponsored post that my contain affiliate links. I was 8 Years Old.  My First Holy Communion. I had taken all the classes.  Learned to recite all the prayers.  Practiced all the walks  in the church. Learned to kneel when the Head Nun clicked her Metal Cricket. I was Ready.   My Mom was […]

Flipping for the Doodle T Flip Skirt!

Not so very long ago, there was a little girl who loved to Flip and Dance. With all the flipping and dancing, she needed clothes that would move with her. She also insisted on dressing herself.  Buttons and Snaps.  Zippers and Loops.  Too Tough to Do. So the Doodle T Flip Dress was Born. Simple Really.  A […]

Design the Pattern. Cut. Sew. 30 Minutes – Done!

Summer Into Fall.    What to Wear? I’m So Done with All the Summer Stuff.   Everything is Tired and Limp. Floral.  Floaty.  Over. I’m Ready for Cool Weather Dressing.   But it’s Still Hot. Fall Clothes are Trendy.  Classic.   In Luscious Cuddly Cool Weather Fabrics. But in 90+ Temps.  Forget It. Ahh, Problem Solved.  Linen! Sure Linen is Great […]

Farm Chic!

I Love this Product! I Love this Business! Vermont Made Shopping Bags! $7 for Any Size.  Plus Shipping. Second Chance Bags by Mary Fay. Super Sturdy.    All Sizes.    Well Made.    Designs from the Barn Yard to You. A Vermont Lady, Mary Fay, is Doing Her Part to Save the Environment. By Recycling Plastic Animal Feed […]