A Mule Barn Christmas Spin

Let’s Talk Greasy Spoons.  Every Town Has One. You Know, the Local Funky Place for Decent Food at Cheap Places. Here We Have Murphy’s Mule Barn. The Name Kind of Says it All. We Took our Animal Friends to Lunch.    The Moose Siblings and R.F. Cardigan. An Early Holiday Celebration.  Celebrating Being Together and the Joys […]

Wild West Main Street Durango

And To Think That I Saw It on Main Street. Durango.  Colorado. At 6800 feet above sea level, Durango sits high in the Rockies. Lightheadedness ensues to those not acclimated.  Like Me. It is a ski destination for many.  But this weekend, there was Not a Snowflake in Sight. No Worries.  Everyone Skipped the Slopes […]

Just No Ghosts. Thank you.

Halloween Eve. And the Ultimate Question…Did You Ever Experience a Ghost? Yes.  But I didn’t Like It.  At All. Here’s the Short but True Halloween Version. The Story Begins Here.  Charleston.  South Carolina. A Weekend Stay.  In An Old House. Yes, there is a Ghost Here but He stays in His Room.  The Room Where […]

Where Did You Get That?

Santa Fe Shopping.  Santa Fe Style. Santa Fe is Other-Worldly. Not the Alien/Roswell kind of Other-Worldly….but Simply Santa Fe. Let’s Go Shopping for a Fun, You-Never-Know-What-You’ll-Find Experience! Hey, You just walked past a great Black Wool Ensemble. The Silver and Onyx Necklace is So Santa Fe.  You Hear that A Lot Around Here. What about […]

Come Take My Hand

 Can I Tell You a Secret? Santa Fe.  The Over-the-Top City Different.  Capital of New Mexico. 200 Galleries in a 2-Mile Radius.  Ultra Upscale Shops and Restaurants at Every Inch. A Tightly Wound Spot. But. Santa Fe Can Also Be a Quiet, Reflective Place.   If You Stop for a Moment and Listen. Georgia O’Keeffe traveled to Santa […]

Peach Pie Magic that is Santa Fe

An Overnight in Santa Fe. A Train Ride Up and Back. A Break from Work and School.  A Perfect Time to Find Magic.  Together. Some Crazy Facts about Santa Fe that I Thought You’d Like to Know… Santa Fe is the City Different.  A Sweet yet Edgy City. Come Take a Look. At 7,000 feet above sea level, […]

A Gilligan Train Adventure

A Train Adventure! A One-Hour Tour of New Mexico.   By Train. That is the Plan. What We Get is the Gilligan-Tour.  Without the Water.   Or the Boat.   A Double-Decker Train.   The Rail Runner.  From Albuquerque… To the City Different.   The Capital.   Santa Fe.    For a Simple One-Night Staycation. On Weekends, the Rail Runner has 3 […]

French Lessons of Home

France is in Our Sights for a Vacation and I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled. A Year Away Gives Us Time to Do the Research.  To Save.  To Plan. And to Get Very, Very Excited. The Timing Seems Right for France…. High School French Lessons.  Check. High School Humanities Reading  on WWI, All Quiet on the […]

Indian Pueblo before the Storm

Hail and Wind and Rain. All Coming  In Late August. We Timed It Just Right for an Authentic Indian Pueblo Meal Just before the Coming Storm. At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Just Down the Road from Home. There are Deer Dancers and a Corn Maiden in the Plaza. Celebrating the 19 Indian Pueblos of New […]

Late Night Eating. Art Appetizers.

I am Constantly on the Hunt for Places to Eat that are:  FUN.  LOCAL.  CHEAP. Family Late Night Dining in Albuquerque?     Not Easy to Find. Mr. Doodle says it has to do with the Ranching History of the State.  Early to Bed.  Early to Rise. But I Found One.  The Range Café. The Range Cafe Checks […]