The Day the Sun Stands Still

Noon.  Today.   June 21.     The Summer Solstice.   The Most Hours of Daylight in the Year.     Summer in the North.   Winter in the South.     Noon.  Today.     The Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky and Briefly Appears to Stand Still.       Enjoy […]

Staying Safe in the Curves

The Local Amusement Park. Not My Favorite Spot, But a Huge Hit With This Crowd.   For the Well-Planned, Full-On, Highly Anticipated Teen Birthday Celebration…Perfection.     Perhaps it was the Intense Summer Heat and Glaring Sun,     But Everywhere I Looked There Were Curves.     Beautiful, Warm, Curves.     Rocking Back […]

A Mom’s Very Special “Thank You”

The Pediatric Specialty Care Unit of a Hospital. Care for Very Sick Kids. Families Come Here Looking for Answers. When Their Child is ill.   Teams of Medical Professionals Work to Make Magic. Everyone is Involved, with an Eye on the Prize. And the Child Pulls Through.     In the Midst of the Hustle […]

Always. Finally. Thankfully. The Rain.

When Temperatures Reach 102.  Clear Sky in Cracking Blue, You Can Be Sure the Rains Will Come. They Do.  They Always Do.   When West Winds Blow Hot and Forests Burn, Rain Seems Far Away, We Pray the Rains Will Come.  As They Always Do.  But Rain is Still a Huge Concern.     Scorching […]

Adding Color to the World

I Did a Clay Sculpture.  A Lady Sitting on the Beach. Shells in her Hand.   Facing the Sea.  Her Hair Flying Back.  Sunglasses.  Smiling. “Beach Lady” It Was to Be a Gift for a Favorite Neighbor Lady on a Milestone Birthday. A Lady I’ve Known All My Life.  Her Daughter and I are Like […]

Eat Local. Revitalize Downtown. Win/Win.

Summer Lunches at the Office. A Good Time for a Stroll through the City. And an Opportunity to Eat Local and Support a Local Business. We Walk the Loop to the Tiny Market. Finally, Downtown has a Market. Silver Street Market. On Silver. For Office Workers and Downtown Inhabitants Alike. We Support the Tiny Market.  […]

Did Your Mom Celebrate Birthdays Like This?

Miss Doodle 2 has an Affinity for Birthdays.  Always Has. She Loves to Discuss Her Birthday All Year Long. But in the End, She Wants To Celebrate It Exactly the Same. A 6AM to 6PM Celebration.  Beginning At Home A Kick Off 6AM Scavenger Hunt to Find All the Presents. This Yearly Custom is that Your […]

When Kids Travel Solo

Are You in the Kids-Summer Traveling-Solo Boat??? A Tad Scary, Right? Plan. I Suspect “Plan” will be Engraved on my Headstone.  A Sobering Thought.   But it’s True. The best way to deal with Kids traveling Solo is to Plan the Trip. Beginning.  Middle.  End. All the Luggage Choices.  Clothing Options.  Electronics.  Essentials. And Make […]

A Mom’s Secret to Bourgeois Summer Dining

Bourgeois Dining on a Rainy Summer Night. “Bourgie” for Short.  Pronounced “Boo-Chee”. Evidently, Very Bourgie. The Menu is Simple and Quick.  The Freshest of the Fresh.  With the Junkiest of the Junk. Ripe Red Strawberries.  Fresh from the Sea Shrimp.  Mango Fruit Smoothies. McDonald’s.   A Bad Mom? Nope.   Not Today.   I’m Told […]

Pigeons, Protesters and Puppie Slushes…Oh My

School’s Out.  Summer’s In. The Beginning of Summer is Time Spent at Doodle T. In a Tiny Office Downtown.  Next to Mom. Not the Best Scenario, But We Make It Work. Lunch Hour is a Walking Game. Uncover Three Things that You Never Noticed Before. All Beginning with the Same Letter. Today’s Walk is the […]