Be Our Guest…Be the Chef!

In the Steamy Days of Summer, Going Out to Eat always sounds like a Plan… As long as it’s Fun, Close By and Cheap. With 103 Degree Temps Outside, Heating Up the Kitchen Just Won’t Do. Here’s a New and Silly Place to Eat for the Dining Out Repertoire… Genghis Grill. A Build Your Own Stir Fry […]

Not Quite a Million Miles from Home

The Staycation Summer is in Full Bloom. Staying Close to Home by Day… Venturing Out for Evening Meals with a Zing of Adventure. We found a Perfect Spot…Just 10 Miles from Home…For an Adventure primed to Happen. The Range Café. I’ve posted about it before.  It’s always fun.  This time we ventured out to the […]

Best Summer Bang for Your Buck

The Ultimate Fruit of Summer.  Watermelon! Round.  Wet.  Cold.  Christmas Colors.  And Cheap. But Beware… Left Uncut in the Refrigerator, it will Stay Whole Forever. Cut into Chunk-Size Pieces, It’s Gone in a Flash. Perfect Anytime Anywhere…Breakfast.  Snacks.  Late Night.  Eaten Inside or Out. But hey…where did all the black watermelon seeds go??? I’m kind […]

And then Mom and the Cat get Sick

Yes.  It Finally Happened. Down for the Count.  A Nasty Summer Cold. With Temperatures reaching 100 Degrees both Outside and In. Fever.  Chills.  Nasty Deep Hard Cough. And Zapped of Any Energy. But I Still Had to Go in to Work. I know what they say about Working when You’re Sick…Don’t Do It…But I had […]

Just Because Celebrating

Let’s Celebrate! What? It’s Wednesday!  OK.  Works for Me. And it’s Almost My Birthday. Now We’re Talking. A Good Place to Celebrate a Wednesday or Just Because is Buca di Beppo. Do You have a Buca in Your Town? Yes, it’s a Chain and I hate Chains….but it is Goofy and the Food is Decent. And […]

Ahhh, The Boys of Summer

Baseball.  Minor League Baseball. Here in Albuquerque, it’s the Isotopes.  Farm Team to the Colorado Rockies. That’s It.  That’s All I know. Baseball is not my favorite pastime, but it has always been part of my life. I fondly call Baseball the Background Noise of Summer. Summer that Goes on into the Fall.  Seemingly Forever. […]

Close to Home

Sometimes Staying Close to Home is Where You Need to Be. For Us…Summers have always been for Travel. To Faraway Places.  For Adventure.  For Fun. To Be Together. New York.   London.   Jamaica.  Turks & Caicos.  Boston.  Florida Gulf Coast.  California. Colorado.    Disney.  From Coast to Coast. Paris was this Summer’s Trip.  Until it Wasn’t.  My […]

Farewell Tooth Fairy…it’s been quite a run.

A Milestone. After 10 Years. The Last Baby Tooth has Fallen Out of My Sweet Doodle Head. I wasn’t sure I’d make it.  I was afraid I’d miss a meeting. But the Tooth Fairy came right on schedule.  Every Time. And left funny tiny gifts. Of course She had help.  Our Tooth Fairy didn’t just […]

The Rainbow Lining

For Me as a Writer of a Blog about Finding Magic Every Day, These Last 5 Months have been Positively Impossible.  Ghastly.  Scary. And Exhausting. Time Wrapped in Dark and Cold with Unending Waiting. Anxious Moments.  Agonizing Hours. Fear Shrouded All. I’d Love to Say that the Door is Shut on all things Hospital…But Not Yet. […]

I LoVe KiD ArT!

Pouring Forth from the Soul. Twirling Down into Little Fingers. Art by Kids. Filled with Passion.  Faith.  Love.  And Wonder. In Marker.  Paint.  Clay.  Chalk.  Crayon. Highlights from the Doorway to the Arts Show. At our local Pre-K through Mid-School Charter School. Every Art Show, whether in Soho or Albuquerque, needs fancy walk-around treats. Paired with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.  And the […]