DIY Faux Suede Sassy

Believe it or not, the skirt I wore from Work to the Hospital and Slept in All through the Night, I Threw Away. Hospital Germs Creep Me Out. And I didn’t want the Memories associated with the Skirt.  Gone.  Moved On. Silly.  I know.  I really liked the Skirt.  It was a Favorite in my […]

Stone Heart

Valentine’s Day. A Little Craft of Stone to Warm the Heart. First Find a Heart-Shaped Stone. I strolled down my driveway and founds lots of contenders.  I also had a stash from a trip to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. Pick Up Velvet Necklaces, Wire and Jewelry Tools at the Craft Store. 18 Gage Wire.  Sturdy yet […]

Finding Magic in the Dark

After the Nurses and Doctor Teams and Experts Step Away. Once the IVs, Scans and X-rays finish the Day. Just Before School and the World Enters the Fray. It’s Mom.  Just Mom.  To Forge the Way. Very Scary Flying Solo once the Support is Done. It’s Mom who brings the Child Back into the Sun. And […]

A World Unto Itself

The World of Hospitals. This Family has Never Experienced the World of Hospitals. Until Now. It is Quite Fascinating.  Such Protocol.  Unique Lingo.  Different Behaviors. And the 7:00 Hours.  Morning and Evening. At 7:00 the Entire Complex Begins to Move. Shifts Change.  Teams Morph One into the Next. Day to Night. Night to Day.  Over and […]

February Fruit

I know.  February isn’t really known for its Fruit. But Perhaps it Should. Pineapple.  All the Way from Hawaii. A Perfect Fruit. Hard Woody Skin Protects the Luscious Soft Fruit Inside. Once Cut Open, Pineapple becomes its own Serving Vessel. Juice is poured from the Fruit to the Glass. A Perfect Fruit for the Cold […]

Paris by Way of Reykjavik

We Did It! We’re Really Going. To Paris!  Waiting not so patiently for June. We did our own Travel Arrangements.  Together.  One Evening. One LONG Evening. Laptops.  Phones.  Maps.  Notebooks. To Get the Best Price on Airfare. Air Travel is Very Expensive when You Live Off a Main Thorofare.  Like We Do. Here’s our Starting Point…Albuquerque […]

An Ancient Meal

When we Talk of China, We Talk of its Ancient Culture. Thousands upon Thousands of Years.   Symbolic and Laden with Customs. With Chinese Adopted Daughters, We are Honored to Impart to them their Cultural Heritage. But it can sometimes be overwhelming. Customs and Whys.  Political Positions and Impacts.  The Food.  The People.  The Geography. For Help, […]

Mr. Flu

Say it’s Not So. Say it’s Not True. Oh Lord, Mr. Flu, is that really You? Yes.  In the Flesh.  In a Feverish Woe. Flu is on His Game.  We are Way Low. Ballerina Girl First.  She’s Never Been Sick. Drained and Down.  Not Eating a Lick. Oh Mom, is this really what it’s like? I’m […]

A 2-Minute Blizzard

Well, it is January. January and Snow.  Happy Together. I am Thankful that the Snow Here Comes and Goes in a Hot Minute. But it is Crazy to Watch. Early Morning.   Cold.   Quiet. Suddenly.  Hail Hitting the Windows. Bouncing Off the Bricks. 1 Minute Coverage. Brrr… Accumulating Fast. Total Coverage. All in 2-Minutes. Then Whoosh.  […]

An Elementary Invention

5th Grade Inventors. Ahh…the Elementary School Science Fair.   Is it that time already??? This Year Each Student Must Create an Invention on their Own. An Invention to Solve a Common Problem. Electronics and Water.  Ms. Doodle’s Pick. She Wanted to Invent Something to Protect an Electronic from Water Damage. Even when the Electronic is Dropped/Immersed in Water….Toilet, […]