I Need to Read the Newspaper

Reading the Newspaper.  Early Morning as the Sun Rises.  Is it a Lost Art? Perhaps.   I know.  Who Has Time?  Why Bother Since You Can Get All Your News On-Line?   Can/Should/Could You Really Invest in a Morning Read before Racing Out the Door?   Is Reading the Newspaper So Very Not 21st Century?   Probably. But, for […]

Some Mornings Need Stamped Toast

Don’t You Think? You Know.   Pictures Stamped into Bread before Toasting? Very Silly.  Some Mornings Very Much Needed. Of Course, White Bread Works Best for Stamping. We found a Good White Bread at Costco. Just Thick Enough and All Natural. I Know.  White Bread has zero nutrition. But some Mornings, we can forgo Nutrition for […]

Breakfast for Dinner…An Invention that Never Gets Old

It is Cold.  Dark.  An Early Dark. Canyon Winds.  Strong.  Unyielding. A Good Night to Stay Home. A Perfect Night for Breakfast for Dinner. Works Every Time.  Please Pull Up a Chair and Join Us. Disney Waffles. Whipped Cream Topping done with a Master Touch. Pineapple for a healthy side. Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream. […]

Crazy Eggs and Toast

Breakfast.  Go Crazy or Go Back to Bed. Here’s a Crazy Breakfast that Will Wake Everyone Up and Get Them Out the Door… Laughing. Start with Easy to Prepare – Crazy Eggs.  (my title…feel free to use.) They’re also called Baked Eggs, but that is So Last Century. Pull out your Ramekins.  I love these petite […]