Christmas Trees Costco Style

Christmas and Making Memories.  Memories to Hold On to Forever. Finding the Perfect Tree is a Special Christmas Memory. I would love to Fill Our Girls with the Memory of Traveling to the Jemez Mountains to Trudge through the Snow to Chop Down Our Tree. Dressed in Down and Furry Hats.  Hiking Boots and Wooly […]

Making it Special to Get through the Hard Stuff

Family Meetings and Funerals. With Family Blending Thrown Into the Mix. Deep Sadness for All. An Important Meeting Needs to Happen to Decide How to Proceed. The Meeting Will Be At Our Home. But How to Gracefully Do All This…I Take a Lesson from My Mom. Serve Food.  Lots and Lots of Food. But Keep […]

The Magic World of Costco

Finding a Bit of Magic Every Day.  My Quest. Some Days are Easier than Others. But I can always be Assured that on Saturday…for the Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip… We Will Find Magic. And the Secret Place to Find the Magic.  Where You Can Almost  See the Curvature of the Earth. Yup.  Costco. To Begin…You […]

4th of July…No Beach…No Problem

A First for Me.  No Beach Celebration for the 4th of July. In years past, 4th of July was at the Beach.  Almost by mandated rule. Saltwater, Sea Spray, Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Flag Waving. And at Dark…Fireworks! A Celebration of the Middle of Summer. But not this year.  No Swimming.  No Water Play.  No Hikes in […]

Some Mornings Need Stamped Toast

Don’t You Think? You Know.   Pictures Stamped into Bread before Toasting? Very Silly.  Some Mornings Very Much Needed. Of Course, White Bread Works Best for Stamping. We found a Good White Bread at Costco. Just Thick Enough and All Natural. I Know.  White Bread has zero nutrition. But some Mornings, we can forgo Nutrition for […]

A Love Story of Pumpkins and Costco

Pumpkins are at Costco. The Pumpkins are Contained in 3 Foot Tall Cardboard Boxes. The Boxes Sit on Wooden Pallets.    Brimming to Overflowing with Pumpkins. Almost As Far As the Eye Can See. While I waited for Mr. Doodle to select his Bacon, I noticed a Couple Trying to Select a Pumpkin. Standing on the Edge […]

Play Dates???

When Can I Have a Play Date, Mom??? I’m an Old(er) Mom of Young Kids. Play Dates are a New Concept for Me. I was a Kid in the 60’s.  Living Blissfully in Suburban Long Island.  On any Summer Morning, I’d be Up with the Birds.  Eat Fruit Loops Cereal.  Pop on a Bathing Suit, Shorts and Fly Out […]

4 in 15 Challenge Summer Harvest

Back to School.  Always Working. End of Summer.  Need a Fast, Healthy, Light Dinner? Made from Kitchen to Table in 15 Minutes? In One Pot? Take the 4 in 15 Challenge using the End of Summer Harvest. In One Pot Create Fast Meals.  Healthy Meals.  Just Not Write-Home-About Meals. 🙂 Ready? Your 4 Ingredients to Cook […]

5 Packing Tips to Tour the Fashion Capital

New York City. 10 Days. What to Pack?   With Only a Carry-On Bag. Can You Do It – Pack for 10 Days in a Carry-On??? Try These 5 Tips to Ease Packing Stress for Big City Travel. Tip 1:  Buy and Stockpile New Clothes for the Trip. This really does work.  It May Sound Extravagant, but it’s […]

Compliments of Costco

It’s a Special Occasion But You’re Wasted and Don’t Want to Go Out. Why Not Ask Costco for Assistance? Costco has Great Prices on Volume Goods.  Everyone Knows That. A Costco Pricing Rule of Thumb…Each Item Averages about $10. And Costco is Great for One-Stop Shopping for Party Food and Drinks. Those Decorated Cakes.  That Feed […]