Choo Choo Blues. Costco Travel High.

We’ve had a long haul.  Sickness.  Sadness.  Being Scared. And Staying Close to Home and Hospital. But Now We’re On the Upswing and Time for a Break.  Spring Break. Time to Get Out of Here.  We Need Happy and Plenty of It. Yes, Many Would Poo Poo the Destination Choice…But We’re Going to Disneyland(!)   […]

Breakfast for Dinner…An Invention that Never Gets Old

It is Cold.  Dark.  An Early Dark. Canyon Winds.  Strong.  Unyielding. A Good Night to Stay Home. A Perfect Night for Breakfast for Dinner. Works Every Time.  Please Pull Up a Chair and Join Us. Disney Waffles. Whipped Cream Topping done with a Master Touch. Pineapple for a healthy side. Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream. […]