15 Minute Adventure…at the Office

Summer is Winding Down Here. Year Round Schools are already in Session.  2 Weeks In. Miss Doodle 2 has 2 More Weeks. Doodle T Day Care is Open.  Our Savior.  A Special Space for the Girls.  Down the Hall from Me. Noon.  Lunch.  Let’s Take a Break. A 15 Minute Adventure in the Parking Structure. Take […]

We Need an Anchor Over Here

Someone In This Town Should Have Asked Moms How to Set Up a Community. Moms Know. Communities are Not Islands.   Anchors are Needed. Anchors that are a Draw and Keep and Maintain the Rhythm of the Community. Downtown Albuquerque has been Floundering.   Floating Adrift without an Anchor. To Figure out how to Grow a Downtown, […]