A Walled City to Stay

Forging Forward. All of the Scary Hospital Stuff will be Behind Us. Of this I Pray. And We Will have France in June.¬† ūüôā A Family of 4 in France. VRBO makes it Easy to Find a Place to Stay. This will be our First Trip to France. Looking for Adventure in the Cities and […]

Paris by Way of Reykjavik

We Did It! We’re Really Going. To Paris!¬† Waiting not so patiently for June. We did our own¬†Travel Arrangements.¬† Together.¬† One Evening. One LONG Evening. Laptops.¬† Phones.¬† Maps.¬† Notebooks. To Get the Best Price on Airfare. Air Travel is Very Expensive when You Live Off a Main Thorofare.¬† Like We Do. Here’s our Starting Point…Albuquerque […]

A Castle in France on the Radar

2017 is the Year. The Year of France for Us. With Some High School French and Spanish Under Our Belts.¬† We are Up for the Adventure. For Only One Week.¬† Sadly.¬† But in June. Paris.¬† The City of Lights.¬† First.¬†¬† No Particulars Yet. But I did Find This VRBO Studio Apartment.¬† Sleeps 5.¬† Reasonable Price. […]

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Florida, Oh My

The Next Time You¬†venture to¬†Ft. Myers, Florida, there are two fabulous homes You Must Visit. The Winter Estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Neighbors with Star Power. Yes.¬† Those Guys.¬† Powerhouse Innovative Inventors of the 20th Century. Electricity and Cars.¬† Where would the 21st Century be without them? I appreciate all that… But it’s […]

A Flicker Flash of Christmas

Dear Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Your Score for The Nutcracker is Brilliant.¬† Our family has enjoyed it so much.¬†¬† I hear certain pieces and I begin to cry.¬† I know all the flourishes and beats and marks. ¬†I have watched how hard my daughters work to achieve the moves that bring your music to life.¬† It […]

Airport Santa Bound

HoHoHo. Airports for Christmas. Following the Sun. Swimming on Christmas. Shells and Shark Teeth.¬† Pink Sand and Turquoise Water. Mermaid Tails. Christmas in Florida. That’s the Plan. But First We Need to Get There. All Day Travel.¬† Two Planes.¬† Three Airports. But We Will Be Together.¬† Making Memories. And Christmas Dinner after All-Day Travel? Here’s […]

Traveling for Christmas…A Bus Adventure!

The Idea Sounded Great in July. Let’s Go to Florida for Christmas! Let’s have a Real Christmas Vacation.¬† On the Beach. Switch Out Boots for Flip Flops.¬† Yes! And Then Around August Came the Question… But Will Santa Find Us in Florida??? My Answer Was Quick and Flippant…Of Course! Santa Flies All Over the World.¬† […]

Wild West Main Street Durango

And To Think That I Saw It on Main Street. Durango.¬† Colorado. At 6800 feet above sea level, Durango sits high in the Rockies. Lightheadedness ensues to those not acclimated.¬† Like Me. It is a ski destination for many.¬† But this weekend, there was Not a Snowflake in Sight. No Worries.¬† Everyone Skipped the Slopes […]

French Lessons of Home

France is in Our Sights for a Vacation and I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled. A Year Away Gives Us Time to Do the Research.¬† To Save.¬† To Plan. And to Get Very, Very Excited. The Timing Seems Right for France…. High School French Lessons.¬† Check. High School Humanities Reading¬† on WWI, All Quiet on the […]

Snapshot Moments

2000 Miles and Back in 3 Days is a Crazy Fast, Wild Ride. Spending More Time On Planes and Trains and Cars¬† – Than at the Destination. But Even With this Breakneck Pace, I Wanted to Stop to Capture the Little Moments. For It is the Little Moments that Make a Trip Memorable. Please Enjoy […]