The Rainbow Lining

For Me as a Writer of a Blog about Finding Magic Every Day, These Last 5 Months have been Positively Impossible.  Ghastly.  Scary. And Exhausting. Time Wrapped in Dark and Cold with Unending Waiting. Anxious Moments.  Agonizing Hours. Fear Shrouded All. I’d Love to Say that the Door is Shut on all things Hospital…But Not Yet. […]

Daybreak Meals

By the Dawn’s Early Light. Weekdays Around Here are Hectic. Over Breakfast, each day, the Question of What’s for Dinner Comes Up. Eating Oatmeal while Deciding on Beef or Chicken is Not Really My Thing. But That’s Just the Way it Goes. So the Question…Beef or Chicken? Today’s Best Answer…Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, Peppers. And […]

How I Became a Helicopter Mom

My Children are School Age. Mr. Doodle and I Work Full Time. Those are Givens. So the Girls Attend the Local Schools. But with School Rankings and Testing and Drama…the Pull of Maybe-I-Should-Do-Homeschooling Still Hits Me Hard and Gnaws at My Soul. There is So Much I Could Offer the Girls.  Reading Adventures.  Art.  Music.  Story Telling. […]