Close to Home

Sometimes Staying Close to Home is Where You Need to Be. For Us…Summers have always been for Travel. To Faraway Places.  For Adventure.  For Fun. To Be Together. New York.   London.   Jamaica.  Turks & Caicos.  Boston.  Florida Gulf Coast.  California. Colorado.    Disney.  From Coast to Coast. Paris was this Summer’s Trip.  Until it Wasn’t.  My […]

Table for Four

Finally. After 10 Long Weeks in a Hospital… Yes.  A Table for Four. Home. The Best Medicine. I’ve Missed All of You. I’ve Missed My Life. Our Life. But Somehow….Miraculously…We are Better. Stronger as a Family. Together. Not Out of the Woods.  There’s Still More Treatment. More Tests. More of Everything. An Autoimmune Disease that […]

Mr. Flu

Say it’s Not So. Say it’s Not True. Oh Lord, Mr. Flu, is that really You? Yes.  In the Flesh.  In a Feverish Woe. Flu is on His Game.  We are Way Low. Ballerina Girl First.  She’s Never Been Sick. Drained and Down.  Not Eating a Lick. Oh Mom, is this really what it’s like? I’m […]

French Lessons of Home

France is in Our Sights for a Vacation and I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled. A Year Away Gives Us Time to Do the Research.  To Save.  To Plan. And to Get Very, Very Excited. The Timing Seems Right for France…. High School French Lessons.  Check. High School Humanities Reading  on WWI, All Quiet on the […]