So What is Family Day?

Family Day. The anniversary of the day when a new member joins a family in the adoption process. Family Day for Us is the Moment We Became a Family of 4. The Moment 2 Girls Became Sisters. March 2, 2009 in Guangzhou, China.    A Moment Forever in Our Hearts. It Began with Tears. Lots […]

Embracing a Whirlwind of Cultures

On One of the Coldest Days of the Year.  With 60 mph Gale Force Winds Swirling Outside. We were Together Inside Embracing the Crazy Melting Pot of Cultures that is New Mexico. At the Delightful Festival of Asian Cultures. The Chinese American Citizen Alliance Youth Dance Troupe (China). International Adoption was Our first Step to the Commitment to Teach our […]