2848 Emails

When I’m stressed, I clean. Cleaning is mindless, but relaxing. And Laundry is the Best Form of Cleaning for Me. I Set the Cleaning in Motion.  The Machines Do the Work. It Frees Up My Mind to Take Stock of Things. To Think.  To Reflect.  To Move Forward. And So it is with Emails. With […]

Up Before the Paper

Are You a Morning Person or a Night Person? I Have Always Been a Morning Person. Up Before the Sunrise.  Up Before the Paper. This Morning is No Exception. I Love the Early Morning. Some Time for Me Before the Sun Rises. 2 Hours…Give or Take…Ahhh. It’s Still Pitch Black Out. First a Cozy Breakfast […]

Best Whitest Whites Laundry Tip

Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1 A Secret that I’m Happy to Share. The Fastest, Easiest Route to the Absolute Whitest White Laundry? Is Jumping into the Wash with this Woman… Meet Mrs. Stewart. I Know.  She’s Very Old School and She looks a Little Scary… But Trust Me…She’s a Dynamo in the Laundry Room. Really. […]