A Master All Grown Up – The Reveal

What a Wonderful Ride.  One Room Challenge – Week 6 – The Reveal! This is Where We Began…The Puppet Master And Now…6 Weeks Later…A Master Bedroom for Grown Ups. Grown Up By Day. A Dazzling Night on the Town by Night. The Candlelight Glow is Intoxicating. Here’s a Quick Before and After. And Now All […]

ORC Week 4 – Master Improvement

One Room Challenge – Week 4. Two Weeks to the Final Reveal! Here’s the Master Bedroom Before…With the Puppets. Unbelievably, All the New Pieces to the Master Bedroom are Coming Together. For My “If Henry VIII had a Nun Living in the Palace This Would Be Her Bed Chambers” Room. What??? I Know You Get […]

One Room Challenge – No More Puppet Master!

One Room Challenge, Fall 2016 The Before Shots.  The Questions.  The Issues. I am So Excited to be a Guest Participant of the One Room Challenge. A Huge Thank You to Linda of Calling It Home for Making This Happen. The Task…One Room and 6 Weeks to Create a Wondrous Transformation. Week One. The Room Choice for […]