Eat your Heart Out, Degas

Edgar Degas.  You know, the Painter and Sculptor of Ballerinas. From France. 100 Years Ago he created Little Dancer of Fourteen Years. Degas was blind when he sculptured the little dancer. He spent 3 years creating this masterpiece.  She stands 3 feet tall. Miss Doodle 2 loved the Dancer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. And […]

Why a Museum?

To See and Appreciate.  To Stand in Awe with Wonder. All that is Human. Creation in All Its Wondrous Forms. For Me, this is Why a Museum. Man Creates.  Using His Mind.   His Heart.  And His Soul. Sometimes with Sounds.  Or Words.  Or With His Hands. The Wonder of All that is Human is Here. The Metropolitan […]