I LoVe KiD ArT!

Pouring Forth from the Soul. Twirling Down into Little Fingers. Art by Kids. Filled with Passion.  Faith.  Love.  And Wonder. In Marker.  Paint.  Clay.  Chalk.  Crayon. Highlights from the Doorway to the Arts Show. At our local Pre-K through Mid-School Charter School. Every Art Show, whether in Soho or Albuquerque, needs fancy walk-around treats. Paired with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.  And the […]

4 Tips on How NOT to Finish Wood Furniture

With Great Results on Refinishing a Dresser for the One Room Challenge…. That Went From This… To This. A Decent First Attempt at Furniture Refinishing. I thought We were Home Free on All There Was to Know on Painting Wood Furniture. Next Challenge.  A Wood Dresser that Came with the House. Crafted of Pine.  Assembled with […]