A Fly Went By and Continued On Its Way

Late Summer and Flies.  Ugh. When it’s Finally a Tad Cooler to Enjoy Dining Outside, the Flies Appear. And Don’t Quit. Until Now! A Simple DIY to Rid Your Space of Flies. No Sprays.  No Chemicals.  No Bug-Zappers.  No Swats. Cheap to Do.  Pennies.  Really. A Hanging Bag of Water! But Exactly How Do Water Bags Work? […]

A Pond Telling

I’m the Pond. I sit in the front yard where years ago a lawn once thrived. A lawn that the family could not maintain once water restrictions applied. I’m a Third Generation Pond. My Grandfather was a Big Box Plastic Pool.  About a Foot Deep with Tiny Plant Ledges.  He had no Fish.  The Birds Flocked to […]

Pond Muck Magic

The Story Goes Something Like This… We have a Pond.    We All Love the Pond. It sits in the Front Yard. It’s Big and Has Fish. And Our Pond Fish Survived the Winter! The original 12 Goldfish have morphed and multiplied to 25, at last count. We have 3 Generations Happily Swimming Around. I Love […]