A Santa Fe Wink in Time

To Really Experience Santa Fe, New Mexico, You Need to Live It. If Only for a Few Days.  Maybe Just a Weekend. Reading About It Works, Sort Of.  But to Get the Full-On Flavor of Santa Fe, You Need to Breathe in the Pinon-Scented Air.  Taste the Green Chile.  Feel the Exquisite Leathers. And Definitely […]

A Gilligan Train Adventure

A Train Adventure! A One-Hour Tour of New Mexico.   By Train. That is the Plan. What We Get is the Gilligan-Tour.  Without the Water.   Or the Boat.   A Double-Decker Train.   The Rail Runner.  From Albuquerque… To the City Different.   The Capital.   Santa Fe.    For a Simple One-Night Staycation. On Weekends, the Rail Runner has 3 […]