Road Trip?

Can You Guess the Restaurant? Perched on the Frontage Road of a Major Thoroughfare…You Can’t Miss this Spot. An All-In All-American Establishment. The Parking Lot is Filled with RVs, SUVs, Family Vans and Tour Buses. It is a Dining Experience Where the Menu is Extensive.  The Prices are Reasonable. And the Décor is Exactly a Mirror-Image […]

To a Chile Oasis and Back

The Drive is Long.  The Drive is Weary. On a Mission for Work. Road Trip! Buckle Up.  We’re Off. 7 Hours on the Road in 1 Day.  For 3 Hours of Work. That’s the Beauty of Living in a Huge Land Mass State…Fifth Largest in the U.S. Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico… Remind Me to […]

A Work Road Trip

Sometimes Work Requires a Road Trip. Just Me.  The Client File.  My Thoughts.  And the Open Road. With a Court Docket Call Looming.  I Drive West. 85 mph. Google Maps Gives the Wrong Directions.   But I figure it Out. Driving and Talking Out Loud…I Think Through My Notes. There’s Also Time to Sing.  Time to […]