A Santa Fe Wink in Time

To Really Experience Santa Fe, New Mexico, You Need to Live It. If Only for a Few Days.  Maybe Just a Weekend. Reading About It Works, Sort Of.  But to Get the Full-On Flavor of Santa Fe, You Need to Breathe in the Pinon-Scented Air.  Taste the Green Chile.  Feel the Exquisite Leathers. And Definitely […]

Where Did You Get That?

Santa Fe Shopping.  Santa Fe Style. Santa Fe is Other-Worldly. Not the Alien/Roswell kind of Other-Worldly….but Simply Santa Fe. Let’s Go Shopping for a Fun, You-Never-Know-What-You’ll-Find Experience! Hey, You just walked past a great Black Wool Ensemble. The Silver and Onyx Necklace is So Santa Fe.  You Hear that A Lot Around Here. What about […]

Come Take My Hand

 Can I Tell You a Secret? Santa Fe.  The Over-the-Top City Different.  Capital of New Mexico. 200 Galleries in a 2-Mile Radius.  Ultra Upscale Shops and Restaurants at Every Inch. A Tightly Wound Spot. But. Santa Fe Can Also Be a Quiet, Reflective Place.   If You Stop for a Moment and Listen. Georgia O’Keeffe traveled to Santa […]

Peach Pie Magic that is Santa Fe

An Overnight in Santa Fe. A Train Ride Up and Back. A Break from Work and School.  A Perfect Time to Find Magic.  Together. Some Crazy Facts about Santa Fe that I Thought You’d Like to Know… Santa Fe is the City Different.  A Sweet yet Edgy City. Come Take a Look. At 7,000 feet above sea level, […]

A Gilligan Train Adventure

A Train Adventure! A One-Hour Tour of New Mexico.   By Train. That is the Plan. What We Get is the Gilligan-Tour.  Without the Water.   Or the Boat.   A Double-Decker Train.   The Rail Runner.  From Albuquerque… To the City Different.   The Capital.   Santa Fe.    For a Simple One-Night Staycation. On Weekends, the Rail Runner has 3 […]