Spring Ahead

An Ode to the Time Change.  Is it That Time Already??? Dr. Seuss-Style… Jump Up Here and Take a Look. Sun hits you in the Eye with a Strong Left Hook. Tonight Clocks Skip One Hour Ahead. Making Dark for Morning and Night Sun for Bed. But Spring is Here.  No Need to Wait. Middle […]

The Easiest Diet and Exercise Plan!

Spring has Sprung. Hello Sun. Green All Around. Clocks Ahead. Wake Up Sleepy Head. Still Dark in Early Morn. Fall Back. Time For That Nap. Inside Cozy and Warm. Spring! Coming Home in the Light.  With Light to Spare No More Excuses.  No More Dares. Walking and Less Bread. Speaks Loud in My Head. Now.  […]

Flying South

Early Morning.  It’s Time. Clocks Fall Back.  Frost on the Window. Outside at the First Blush of Dawn, You Hear Them.  The Birds. Huge Flocks Flying South. Following the Rio Grande River. The Birds Always Know When it’s Time. Take a Moment to Savor a Magical Halloween Morning.