Over the River and Through the Woods…

Colorado-bound.  Traveling to Visit Family for Thanksgiving. Our First Venture of 2017 after the Craziness of Hospitals and Infusions and Home Nurse Visits. We Have So Much to be Thankful For. I know this Post is Late.  Very Late.  I’m Tired.  Work is Stressful and Busy. The Girls have School and Ballet.  Mr. Doodle has […]

A Colorado Holiday and The Best Turkey Ever!

Colorado for Thanksgiving.  All the Family Together. Cold Outside but So Very Warm and Comforting Inside. We Cooked for Days and Days.  The Meal was Perfectly Lovely. Even when Eaten in 30 Minutes or Less.  🙂 Enjoy Our Snapshots of a Wonderful Holiday. First Up the Family Turkey Platter.  Ready for its Annual Debut. The Best […]

Cooking Up Half a Storm

Work has been Crazy Busy and the Holidays are Moving Upon Us at Breakneck Speed. So Very Thankful for Today.  A Day to Cook and Bake and Pack with My Girls. For a Thanksgiving Adventure. Early Morning.  Up and Ready. The Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Finishing Touches and Ready for Our Trip to Durango. Years Ago…This Was […]

A Thankful Tree

A Simple Centerpiece.   For Thanksgiving. A Thankful Tree. Our Project for this Weekend. To Bring to Our Family Thanksgiving Table. It’s Easy and Fun to Do.  And the Cost to Create is Free. Let’s Do This Together! Collect Branches. Wax to Preserve Leaves. See How We did that Here. Create Thankful Cards.  Cards.  Hole Punch.  String. […]

Ok…Ok…Pumpkin Spice(!)

October Blew In.  Chill in the Air.  Trees splattered in Orange and Yellow and Red. Markets filled with Squash.  Chile Ristras.  Indian Corn. Oh, Yes…And Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin Spice Everything and Everywhere. In Coffee?…maybe not so much. But We Did Make Pumpkin Spice Muffins. A Very, Very Good and Easy Mix.  (By the Way, this is Not […]