Tartan Whispers Autumn…Can You Hear It?

I’ve Loved Tartans Forever. Probably My Scottish Roots. Carrying the Name “Cameron”, I Suspect All that Dyed/Woven Crisscross Pattern is in My Blood. But No Matter.  I am Proud to Wear it. The Traditional Cameron Tartan is Red/Green/Yellow.  A Little Different and Fun. I Understand the Cameron Clan was anything but Fun.  They were Fierce […]

The Shoppe Round the Corner

If You’re Lucky, You Have One. A Tiny Shoppe Round the Corner that is Filled with Special Treasures. Not the Big Box, Big Chain, Big Anything Place. Rather, a Magical Spot for Granting Wishes. There is such a shoppe round my corner….Willow. Even the Name is Wispy and Soft and Small. I went in for a […]