Walls, Ceilings and Doors, oh my…


Dear Sherwin-Williams:  Hi…We have exactly this morning to decide on the colors, the look of this little house…”The Mermaid House”…by this afternoon, the painting will be complete. Every wall, ceiling, and door.  Good bye to day-glow yellow and gold.  Good bye to floral wallpaper and beach ceiling borders.  Good bye to ivory trim.  So, Mr. Sherwin-Williams – any ideas?

My vision?..well, yes, sure, I have a vision…picture this:  a house that is cool, refreshing and sparkly clean…Sweep out the stinky cigar smoke-smudged  walls….Bring in the light, the sky, the Gulf Coast beaches, the pool.  How about if the inside of the house makes you feel like you’re swimming in the pool….you know, the one in the backyard, the one you see when you walk through the front door….Yes   MAGIC!   Thanks.

Care to take a dip?

Sherwin-Williams Soar SW 6799
Sherwin-Williams Pool Blue SW 6944
Sherwin-Williams Iceberg SW 6798

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