In the Plein Air

Warm Weather Afternoon – Perfect for assessing the Winter Damage…

I’m told it’s TOO EARLY for PLANTING in the WEST…SORRY…CAN’T WAIT! BookWater 003 - Copy Potting Hot Pink Geraniums BookWater 005 - Copy Thank you Costco. BookWater 006 - CopyTransplanting Russian Sage…to make way for the Goldfish Pond… BookWater 004 - Copy Hyacinth with the RosesBookWater 007 - Copy A Drink after the Long Winter…  BookWater 009 Beds of Vinca turning Green BookWater 012 Ancient Elms back for another Spring.BookWater 014 Waiting in the WINGS – Digging a New and Improved GOLDFISH POND…BookWater 013We’ll Need Lots of MAGIC. 047 013040 Let’s Take a Break (!) – The First Plein Air Lunch of the Season… BookWater 015 Bunny Bowl Salad…BookWater 016

Lettuce with a splash of MAGIC on a Warm Afternoon.  Lovely.

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