To Love Reading

The TIME has come…the LONG OVERDUE time has come to Nurture a LOVE of READING.  We have an English as a Second Language (“ESL”) learner and the going has been rough. BeautyCNY 048

For ESL learners, Reading is usually the obstacle to learning.  Reading can be a chore.  Reading is seen as impossible.  Reading is hard.  Even with all the resources in place, Reading is still met with Crying Jags and Heel Digging…it is heart-wrenching to watch.  But perseverance is key and we are not backing down…We can’t.   We want our girl to discover that Reading is the key to Opening the World…Her World…It’s Life-Changing.BeautyCNY 051 We have a New Tactic.  Using ELECTRONICS!  A Special Blog Page on Doodle T…and Me! for our girl’s original stories. She LOVES the idea and is hard at work on her first creation.  Read 015

Maybe this will be the Game Changer…I’ll throw in some MAGIC for good measure.

2 thoughts on “To Love Reading

  1. That’s awesome. I struggled with reading and hated it!!! I started reading to my girl from day one, hoping to instill that love of reading early.

  2. Reading to your little one early on is the key…sadly, we didn’t have that opportunity. Our goal is to make reading magical and fun…it’s never too late. Thanks for the encouragement!

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