Anything but Standard

When was the last time you had Lunch in a Tire Center Drive-Through Bay??

Standard 049

WELL, YOU CAN…HERE…at STANDARD DINER in Albuquerque on Old Route 66.Standard 051

Standard Diner is at the former site of Carothers & Mauldin   –   A 1950’s Service Station in  Albuquerque on Route 66 along the drive West to the Santa Monica Pier, California.

Standard 013 - Copy

Today a Neon Sign Greets you at the Front Door…no mistaking what this place is all about. Standard 015 - Copy


RETRO…yes.      TRENDY…you bet.     FUN…of course.  Standard 016 - Copy

The desserts are reason enough to stop by.Standard 017 - Copy

And all the Artwork  – this one coordinates with the Mint Green Soda Fountain Mixers.  Standard 019 - Copy Standard 020 - Copy

Every light fixture is a sculptural surprise. Standard 023 - Copy

The Old School Clock…Wish I had a Nickel for every time I looked at THIS FACE. Standard 024 - Copy Sputnik Chic…I kept hoping The Jetsons would fly in and pull up a chair. Standard 025 - Copy  We ate in the former Tire Bays…Now a Light-Filled Space with No Petroleum Smells(!)Standard 028 - Copy

Even the Condiment Tray is Space-Age. Standard 026 - Copy

But Let’s TALK FOOD…my uh, FOOD CRITICS, were thrilled with the choices…

Green Chile Chicken Noodle Soup – chunky chicken chunks “Not Too Spicy”.Standard 033

Oatmeal – it was late in the day, but still time for Breakfast.  “Better than Home”.Standard 031

Reuben Sandwich with Sauerkraut  and Fries…a lean, mean sandwich that we split.Standard 030 
Lettuce Wedge with Bacon and Cheesy Croutons…this one was “The Best- Ever”.  Standard 034  And I love all the details – check out the Inside-the-Rim Logo on the Coffee Cups. Standard 039

One Cinnamon Roll…”Not TOO SWEET”…Big as Your Head Awesome. Standard 043 Standard 050

Standard Diner – A Local Gem Worth a Look and a Taste….definitely.

My Food Critics Loved it…we all did.


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