2015.  My first Blog Year.

Challenging.  Entertaining.  And a Blast!

My Theme is Simple.

In Every Day, Juggling Work-School-Work-School-Play, Find a Little Magic….

Not the Abracadabra-kind of Magic….

The Magic Found in the Moments of a Day when You Catch a Twinkle of an Eye, a Smile, a Giggle, a Hearty Chuckle.

Those Moments.  They are Everywhere.  Truly they Are.

From the Blog Site Analysis (I know, Serious, Right?)  it appears Your Favorites include:

Travel on a Budget.

In My Own Backyard…Discovering New Mexico…

LosPoblanos 201 LosPoblanos 048 LosPoblanos 166

JulyRain 022

081 DSC00058 DSC00053

FootballCoronado 009 FootballCoronado 039


and Far from Home…

Isleta 012

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

TurksUnderwater2015 051 Turks 179Turks 283

Charleston, South Carolina


Durango, Colorado

Durango2015 075 Durango2015 079

Florida…oh how I love Florida!

FloridaSpringBreak 005 FloridaSpringBreak 084 FloridaSpringBreak 047

Crazy Step-By-Step Instruction Sewing Projects…

Super Fast, No Time To Waste Quilts…

QuiltFloorReveal 016

Fancy Dress-Maker French Seams…

SewSkirtFISH 015

Doodle T Flip Dresses…My Design…At the Doodle T Princess Shoppe.

ScienceFairLunchStuffDress 028 ScienceFairLunchStuffDress 026

And Lunch Box Stuffies…To Surprise, Delight and Love.


LunchStuffies 009

DIY Projects…

The Chicken Coop Chandelier (battery candle/remote operated)…

No Chicks until Spring, but we’re Ready(!)

CoopChandelier 018

Inside the House…

Painted Kitchen Cabinets…Enough with the White!

KitchenPrincess 021

Collecting – Cleaning – Using Every Day Silver…eBay is Queen.

SilverHalloweenMorn 039

And Magical Ways to Use All Those Shells…

mermaidmirror 004 mermaidmirror 006

Ideas for the Leftover Paint…Cost of a “New” Table…$0

Summer2 046

And a Sprinkle of Decorating…

couch 089

Some Heavy Lifting Required.

couch 073

The DIY Project Outside.

Do You Need a Giant Fish Pond?

Summer 109Summer 226

You Do!!

Summer3 005

And Lovely Family Celebrations that become Traditions…

Treasure Hunt Birthdays.

grown up hunt 047 grown up hunt 068 grown up hunt 062

Happy Healthy Halloween.

pumpkins 012

Advent Calendars.

LetterAdventDanceFood 041

The Santa Letter with Spelling Words 🙂

LetterAdventDanceFood 002

And a Special Elf.

Dawn 001

Crazy Flash-in-the Pan Cooking Ideas…

096 108

Chill 007

There’s Always Time for Muffins…Any Occasion, Any Flavor.

Chill 025

Lunch Noodles in a Jar.

noodle lunch 069

Products that I Like because they Work…

ElfWorkHands 035

Summer 095

Summer 097

Summer 101

And All the Ho Hum Every Days In-Between.

ShabbyChic 009Weeds 014

MonsoonTea 004

April2015 063


Thanks for Sharing 2015 with Me.

Coming Over the Hill…2016!

Quick…Take My Hand…I Promise You Magic!

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