Grill Skill Magic

How About a Teppan Grill Experience?

Birthday 007

We Love Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar – a Fun Dining Spot in the Neighborhood.

Reasonably Priced.  Eating with Style.  Entertainment is Free.

Birthday 039

Start the Meal Off with Sushi…An Appetizer Extraordinaire.

Fresh.  Dramatic.  Perfection.

Birthday 002


Delicate.  Dainty.  Fit for a Fairy.

Birthday 008

Then the Main Event – The Teppan Grill Master.

An Evening of Jokes, Food Tricks and Flame Throwing.

Family-Style Seating at the Grill.  Meeting Table-Mates and Watching the Show.

Birthday 010

Cracking the Eggs is a Juggling, Daredevil Event.

Birthday 015

Vegetable Fried Rich for Lovers Everywhere.

Birthday 018

Whoosh…3 Foot High Flames.

Birthday 019

The Grill Master.  Nerves of Steel.  Never Breaks a Sweat.

Birthday 020

Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Noodles, Vegetables.  All Cozy on the Steel Grill.

Birthday 023

Noodles managed with “Learner Permit” Chopsticks.

Birthday 024

Serving the Feast.

Birthday 029 Birthday 033

If it’s a Celebratory Meal…Ring the Gong.

Birthday 034

On any given Night, there’s lots of Gong Ringing.

Birthday 035

Frozen Ice Cream for a Sweet Surprise Dessert.

Birthday 036

Magic.  Teppan Grill Magic.

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