Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Red Fire Monkey.

One of My Absolute Favorite  Events.

CNY 024

Each Year We Celebrate with the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.

A Six Course Chinese Meal.  Prizes.  Dances.   Lions.  Wow!

CNY 045

Let’s Start at the Beginning…A Traditional Chinese New Year Meal.

CNY 031

All the food that is served signifies Wealth and Good Fortune.

Spring Rolls (Look like Gold Bars)

CNY 032

Roasted Chicken (The Whole Chicken for Wealth and Good Fortune)

CNY 034

Coconut Shrimp (Shaped like Chinese Coins)

CNY 001

Octopus with Asparagus (Not sure of the significance, but it’s Delicious)

CNY 002

Noodles with Shrimp and Broccoli (Noodles for Long Life. Don’t Cut the Noodles or You Cut Your Good Luck.)

CNY 003

Orange Beef (Wealth and Good Fortune??!)

CNY 004

Enough Tea to Float a Boat.

CNY 020

Enough Rice to Fill an Ocean.

CNY 006

The Entertainment…Chinese Dancers and Lion Dancers.

CNY 018

Ancient Dances (200 A.D.) taught to the New Generation.

CNY 023CNY 016CNY 015

Feed the Lion Lycee (Lucky Money) for Good Luck All Year.

CNY 043 CNY 040

Happy New Year.  The 4713th Chinese Year.

CNY 045

Such Magic!

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