Best Whitest Whites Laundry Tip

Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1

A Secret that I’m Happy to Share.

The Fastest, Easiest Route to the Absolute Whitest White Laundry?

Is Jumping into the Wash with this Woman…

Meet Mrs. Stewart.


I Know.  She’s Very Old School and She looks a Little Scary…

But Trust Me…She’s a Dynamo in the Laundry Room.


senses2 015

Here’s How She Works.

For Front Loaders…First Add a Squirt of Mrs. Stewart’s to a Pitcher of Cold Water.


She’s So Tough…She Needs to Be Diluted.

For Each Front Loader Load, Add about 1/2 Cup from the Blue Pitcher Water to the Detergent.

For Top Loaders, Add a Squirt of Mrs. Stewart’s to the Filling Machine Before Adding Clothes.

This Way She Eases into the Power.

That’s It.


The One Word of Caution…Don’t Squirt Directly on the Clothes.

A Blue Streaky Mess.  Yes.  Did That.  But Only Once.

senses2 011

Oh, And You May Need Sunglasses.  The Brilliance of the Whites is Blinding.

senses2 012

And Magical.

QuiltFloorReveal 016

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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