Bollywood Summer – Skirt in a Flash

It may be Cold and Wet Here in New Mexico, but Summer is Coming.

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A Rainy Afternoon was the Perfect Moment for a New Bollywood Creation.

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Missy Doodle needed a costume for her class play, All the Rice in India.  She is a Princess from India.  An Elephant Keeper boy and the princess are in love.   The princess’ father, the Raja, won’t hear of the match.  Of course, right? Some fancy math skills by the elephant keeper and the Raja agrees his daughter may marry the one she loves.

 Love and Math Conquer All.

Cue the Bollywood Music.

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We needed a costume.  With my own fancy math skills, I found Sari Fabric at JoAnn’s for a steal…50% off the sale price of $5/yard.  Evidently, 6 yards of fabric are needed to create a proper sari.  The fabric I found was in 4 yard pieces….Perfect for the skinny princess with enough for her mama(!)

Have you worked with Sari Fabric?

Sari Fabric is Exquisite  –  The Striking Colors with Gold pattern Overlays are Magical.

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But I was afraid the Delicacy of the Fabric would make it a bear to work with.  I was so Wrong!

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Easy, Fast and Fun with Stunning Results.

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The sewing, sans pattern, was simple.  For the princess, I left the fabric folded for a double layer.  I sewed the two ends together to create a tube. The folded edge is the waist – sew a channel for the elastic.  I left the double layers of the skirt flowy/blowy.  The edges of Sari fabric are finished top and bottom so no hem needed.

10 Minutes from Start to Finish.

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Trying on the Creation…Even in Pajamas…Very Dramatic.

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For me, I opened the fabric (folded would be too short), measured it around me, and sewed the ends creating the tube.  I folded over the top edge for the elastic waist.  The fabric is sheer so  I sewed two skirts and can mix and match – pink top/blue under…blue top/pink under.  Sandals and a tank top.  Look Out!

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PosoleBathIndia 059

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Light, Swirly and very Bollywood.  Love it.

Shout out to NYC…Watch for the Bollywood Dancers in Brooklyn this June(!)  Just saying.

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2 thoughts on “Bollywood Summer – Skirt in a Flash

    1. What fun to have a stash of beautiful sari fabric. We did have fun whipping up these very simple skirts. And wearing Mom/Daughter outfits was so silly! Thanks for stopping by.

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