A Birthday Confession…

So Serious.  I know.

Birthdays Sometimes Do That.

Finally Hitting a Beatle Song…

Yes, That Beatle Song.  🙂

graduation & wedding 016

And the Confession…Take Care of Me.

Even Just a Little, Will Be a Lot.

Take Care of Me, So I Can Be There for Them.

graduation & wedding 041

Walking.  One Mile Each Day.

Starting Today.

I’m Told It Gets Easier and Easier.

Eating Better.  Well Sure.

Bread.  Cut Back.

Not Cut Out.  Hey, I’m Half Italian…Bread is My Life(!)

Just Cut Back.

I Would Love for You to Join Me.

Can We Do This Together?

I’ll Give You Honest Updates.   Yes…Honest Ones.

Looking for Not the Easy Way…Just the Magical One.





4 thoughts on “A Birthday Confession…

  1. Catherine…you are so right…as an aside…I brought in donuts to work and wrote on the box, “Happy Beatles Birthday..Enjoy!”…no one here could guess what that meant…they had no idea I was “that old”…Whoops! Oh well…it’s all good, right?! 🙂

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