A Fly Went By and Continued On Its Way

Late Summer and Flies.  Ugh.

When it’s Finally a Tad Cooler to Enjoy Dining Outside, the Flies Appear.

And Don’t Quit.

Until Now!

A Simple DIY to Rid Your Space of Flies.

No Sprays.  No Chemicals.  No Bug-Zappers.  No Swats.

Cheap to Do.  Pennies.  Really.

A Hanging Bag of Water!


But Exactly How Do Water Bags Work?


Refraction takes place when a clear or opaque object, such as a piece of glass or a bag of water, alters the course and velocity of light. The rays of light, which normally travel in a straight line, bend. This effect is responsible for a number of optical illusions, such as mirages, that occasionally baffle humans as well.

In theory, refraction can be just as confusing for some species of insect, especially the housefly.  It boasts a highly sensitive array of eyes which allow it to see in multiple directions at once.

The insect’s head mostly consists of a pair of large complex eyes, each of which is composed of 3,000 to 6,000 simple eyes. These eyes can’t move or focus on objects like human eyes, but they provide the fly with a mosaic view of the world around them. Each simple eye provides one small piece of the puzzle, much like the way a screen’s pixel delivers one detail of the larger picture.

A housefly bases its sense of direction on the direction sunlight comes from. Some entomologists believe that when these complex, sensitive eyes experience refracted light, the insect becomes confused and flies away.

Fly Eyes and Light Refraction

Now that You Know How Water Bags Work…In Theory…

Whip Up a Few Water Bags to Cover Your Outdoor Space.

What You Need:

Quart Freezer Plastic Bags.  Scissor.   Fishing Line.  Pennies.


First – Poke a Hole in the Top Thick Closure Section of the Bag.


Fill 3/4 Full with Water.


Add 3 Pennies to Each Bag.  Shiny New Ones are the Most Reflective.


Thread the Fishing Line in the Hole to Hang.


Hang the Water Bags in Areas You Want Fly Free.

Hang in Areas with the Most Sunlight.

A Good Spot to Remember is by Doors to Dissuade Flies from Getting Inside.

Water Bags don’t Work Inside.   Sunlight  is Needed.


Now Sit Back and Enjoy Summer…Outdoors.

While You’re Out and About, Stop By to Visit Our Crazy Pond.

SAM_9290 SAM_9289 SAM_9288

 I Can’t Tell You How Many Times I Wanted to Slip In for a Dip…


This Little Dove Wouldn’t Mind.


 Still 100 Degrees in these Parts.


Do You Think the Water Bags Will Work???

Try a Couple.  Test the Theory.   I’d Love to Know!

Summer Magic.  Fly Free.

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