Farm Chic!

I Love this Product!

I Love this Business!

Vermont Made Shopping Bags!

$7 for Any Size.  Plus Shipping.

Second Chance Bags by Mary Fay.


Super Sturdy.    All Sizes.    Well Made.    Designs from the Barn Yard to You.


A Vermont Lady, Mary Fay, is Doing Her Part to Save the Environment.

By Recycling Plastic Animal Feed Bags into Fabulous Farm Chic Totes.

Farm Chic?  Is that Such a Thing?

Guess it is Now!

Meet Mary Fay…


WCAX VERMONT – Americans throw away 100-billion plastic bags every year according to the EPA, and one woman is doing her part to help change that by turning the trash into Made in Vermont totes.

Mary Fay has a special bond with her animals. When she isn’t with them, she still has them on her mind. That’s because she repurposes the bags their feed comes in to be totes for humans. Her business is called Second Chance Bags.

“Most people use them for grocery bags — they’re sturdy heavy, but people also use them for beach bags,” Fay said.

The waterproof grain bags are rugged. Fay is picky about the designs. “These are all bird seed, horse feed, chicken feed, llama alpaca, pig — whatever people give me,” she said.

No need to worry about any funky smells, she puts them in the washing machine before she gets going.
A bag costs $7 — it doesn’t matter what size.

“I just like that they’re not going to the landfill. I used to throw them all away. What else are you going to do with them?” she said.

Bringing new Made in Vermont life into old grain bags that would have ended up in the trash.

You can buy a bag by emailing Mary at:


No Website.  Send an Email to Order.

Mary Fay fills the Order and Mails the Package to You.

You Mail Mary Fay a Check…$7 per Bag plus Shipping.


We Placed an Email Order with Mary Fay while we were on Vacation.

The Bags Arrived Home Before We Did!


We Requested Horses, Sheep and Chickens.


She Delivered!


Love, Love, Love Farm Chic!

Thank You Mary Fay!

And a Business that Is Open and Honest and Earth Friendly and Run by a Straight Shooter…

Well there’s the Magic.  🙂




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